Zoe Kravitz recreated the cover of & # 39; Rolling Stone & # 39; Naked from her mother since 1988 and looks so much like Lisa Bonet

adminOctober 29, 2018

Growing up Zoë Kravitz could not have been a simple life. Not only are you under the watchful eye of a rock star father and you also have a Huxtable for a mother. As a result, Kravitz was literally a talent in manufacturing, like a pregnant Lisa Bonet covered Rolling Rocks & # 39; Hot topic. 30 years later, Zoë Kravitz now recreates the impeccable naked cover as an ode to her famous mom.

Zoë Kravitz has never stuck to the common tradition, and this steam cover was no exception. On the original cover of Bonet, she served readers a lot of "obscene" in 1988, except for a white shirt. Instead of following the same concept of photo shoot, the actress said: Rolling Stone I wanted to access the pages of the spread to be inspired by a more ferocious photo.

"I think I was a bit disappointed when they used the shirt image as the cover," Kravitz said. "I think he just thought: & # 39; I'm doing it, let's do it! & # 39; Naturally, she gave the fans a recreation of her mother's desired cover. "It's less about the image and more about doing what my mother intended to do, that feels good."

The actress decided to shoot exactly the same position and with the same style of wet hair that her mother wore in her 20s. These outbreaks seem eerily similar. Like, mother-as-daughter similar.

In this next issue of November, Kravitz not only illuminates the influence of his mother, but also his father Lenny. She also admitted that, although she loves being part of her famous family, she wanted to make a name for herself.

"I've stayed away from making reference to my parents, because I've only been trying to create my own identity," he said. Rolling Stone. "But I feel it's a good time, I feel comfortable in my own skin, and it's good to pay homage to them, because I love them, they're my parents!" Awww!

The actress, however, has become something serious in the entertainment industry. Fans first saw Zoë, aged 21, at X Men First generation with The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. After her moment with the Marvel characters, she followed with an action-filled appearance on Mad Max: Road of fury and then again in the Divergent And independently of his action and adventure curriculum, he has even made a cameo appearance at IFC Portlandia To show his most comical side.

His last issue in the interview was to describe his version of what "hot" means. "For me, 'hot' means someone who is vibrant, confident and comfortable with who they are," he said. "When someone allows himself to be who he is, he does not apologize, and he's a good person, that's really good."

And it goes without saying that it is very similar to the response that his mother gave to the problem in the 80s. It seems that when it comes to having progressive ideals, they like to keep everything in the family.

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