Zizis (re) takes the power

adminNovember 29, 2018


Eternal shuttle movement. After killing me, the men die in turn ite big bath and seems to regain power. Or at least the word. They are everywhere, at the end of the year, on the big screen, in the film of Gilles Lellouche, with the poster of Varia in desperado, who has four cowboys disillusioned, or Mars, Mons performing arts, with The city of zIzis, who will be at the Culture House of Tournai and Tanners, in Brussels.

Be careful, sensitive souls refrain. There is a zigounette that can be on stage … Pay special attention, big blow in the heart! This damn band of fellows has not managed to talk about her, led by a good hand by young Eline Schumacher who does not hesitate to intervene to get back on course. Behind this long-haired joke lies a real loneliness, a matter of crew, which must be viral and indestructible. Between the guys it is well-known, no fuss, no jealousies, no sentimentality …

Biographical field

If Eline Schumacher imagined that this friendship gathered at the friend's funeral, it's because her dad does not have friends and she fears there's no one at his funeral. The first painting opens with a host of beautiful boys – Leonard Cornevin, Adrien Drumel, Thierry Hellin, Lucas Meister, Jean-Baptiste Polge and Michel Villée – dressed to the noses, necklaces, black suit, the atmosphere black and white movies.

Aligned with the audience, they tell. It's the one who came last, the other who was riding a bike. No, there was another one last because … It does not matter.

They restore. Do not tell much, remember to talk about the weather …

Each word is just as they let the time breathe and listen to the silence.

Their talent is necessary from the first few sentences, and rigor announces the delirium to follow without interfering. They flutter Ennio Morricone to play again Once in the West or humming hotel California , with beaches and coconut palms in the background, they explode in a given setting, restores on time, do not fall into vulgarity, even when it comes to drawing or the size zizis.

Riddled with references to the cinema, smartly designed discs, codes for friendship in the wardrobe or in ditches, The city of zIzis flirting with Chippendales, recalls the collective Raoul (Walker's signal), and carry the room in joy.

The mood, this Polish courtesy, prevails in general, interrupted, from time to time, by voice transitions coming from a radio cassette, those of the director and the late friend, so presents what we end up wondering who needs who.

Mars, Mons Performing Arts until 30 November. public@surmars.be or 32 (0) 65 33 55 80.

Tournai, 4th and 5th of December. Billetterie@maisonculturetournai.com or 32 (0) 69 25 30 80.

Brussels, from December 11 to 15 at Tanners. Reservation@lestanneurs.be or 02.512.17.84.

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