Ziraat Banks Rave Area 155th Anniversary of a commercial film

adminDecember 26, 2018

The Agricultural Bank of the Republic of Turkey is one of the most established banks, the establishment of a very emotional advertising film specifically prepared for 155 years.

Yeşilçam has been able to influence Turkish cinema with its humane and good olarak structure that reflects the poor family structure, bad evil that cannot do evil and directly to the white screen, and even affect the people's culture. Therefore, a 30-40 year-old Yeşilçam film even today is more than the films filmed in 2018 and filmed with millions of TL.


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Being aware of Yeşilçam's positive influence on the people, Ziraat Bank found it appropriate to use Yeşilçam's texture and characters for its commercial film prepared for the 155th anniversary of the establishment. Ziraat Bank, which has been serving for 155 years, has prepared the bad days for its customers with the bad grades of Yeşilçam; is also represented by Yeşilçams Yeşil's dangerous dest characters.

In the commercial, Yeşilçam's iconic Mün bath Hal actors Erol Taş, Dinçer Çekmez and Cevdet Balıkçı, participate in the advertisement, while Hulusi Kentmen, Hülya Koçyiğit, Halit Akçatepe, Adile Naşit and Münir Özkul are the Balık father, the characters re-emulate good days. Characters are cut out of original 3D movies and placed in a commercial movie.


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There are many positive and negative comments on social media for advertising. Most people congratulate Ziraat Bank on preparing a commercial film that caresses and cares for emotions, while others have accused them of exploiting emotions using Yeşilçam's characters. In any case, we can say that the commercial is well above the standard.

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