Zero boxer collection Day 5: Shah Rukh Khan's movie earns Rs 81.32 crore

adminDecember 26, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan stares Zero Box Office day 5
Null box office collection Day 5: Shah Rukh Khan movie earns Rs 12.75 crore on Christmas.

Zero has had a roller coaster that begins to travel on the journey. The first weekend performance did not go as expected, despite good buzz and extensive promotions. On his first weekday, the Shah Rukh Khan star saw a big dip in his collection. But the movie picked up at Christmas. It earned Rs 12.75 crore on Tuesday.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​shared the film's cash register collection on Twitter. He wrote, "#Zero experienced growth on day 5 [#Christmas]… Day 6 [Wed] and day 7 [Thu] biz decisive … Fri 20.14 cr, Sat 18.22 cr, Sun 20.71 cr, man 9.50 cr, tue 12.75 cr. Total: NOK 75.00. India biz. "

Zero collected a total of Rs 59.07 crore in his first weekend. After earning Rs 20.14 crore on his first day, Zero discovered a dip in his collection due to negative reviews. However, it was again on Sunday with an Rs 20.71 crore collection.

Anushka Sharma starrer received mixed reviews. Indian express critic Shubhra Gupta wrote: "Challenged people in challenging conditions trying to find intimacy are a good premise, especially if there is awareness of how" out-of-the-norm "people are forced to handle so-called normal people. zero could have done it three times, because Aafia (Sharma), one of the female characters, is a wheelchair-bound NASA researcher with brain paralysis, the other is a reigning movie star called Babita (Kaif) showing her vulnerable, vulnerable side, in a couple But Zero fails spectacularly by giving us everything we can believe in, and we go from beginning to end, with unbelief growing with every frame. "

Zero also stars Katrina Kaif. Talked to about the film's director Aanand L Rai, the actor had said, "Aanand L Rai is one of the few directors I've seen all the movies. I've been in touch with him since his first movie. His most unique feature He is in touch with the Pan-India audience, not a metro-centric filmmaker, he has a very strong emotional core in all his films, and his women's characters are very strong, they are never random, they are never one-dimensional . "

Regarding her co-star Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina states that SRK is aware that women in their films are pursuing, reflecting on the type of characters female actors play in their projects.

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