Yusuf Güney allegedly used violence against women: Homeland, love the nation – Agenda

adminJanuary 9, 2019

A woman he met online with a woman in the cab "overtime because of the account" and then claimed that the young woman was attacking Yusuf Güney"I shared my photos with Ahmet Kural.

It was claimed that South had an argument with a woman who had a meal in Bebek and that she had been violent against her.

"She's freaked out, she's kidding."

Güney transferred the incident on the day of the incident, the summary said:

We went out at night. When he came from abroad, he took him to a beautiful place on request. She took alcohol, I don't drink alcohol. He did things that were not welcome by the influence of alcohol. I said, "Let's get up." There was a discussion about the account. Funny and ridiculous, I didn't even stand on it. Then suddenly began to talk in slang style and style, slang. "Taxi, do it," I warn. He's freaked, he's kidding. I couldn't hold him. My hands, my arms, my neck, my feet were lively.

"How did the job come?"

I pulled the cab aside. I got out of the car. This time he started to walk on me and attack me. Then I attacked him and called the police and told him he would complain about me. I'm the one who was turned off, then I went to the hospital and got a support report. The report shows nails in the neck, my face, scratches. He has nothing. But he complained about me. However, he later received his complaint back. I thought it was a closed file without investigation. What happened to the job?

Southern national love

Yusuf Güney, who claimed it was a big mistake, continued as follows:

"I was introduced as a woman, violent woman. My pictures are shared with Ahmet Kural.

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