Yuri Buenaventura and Oscar de León: Yuri Buenaventura criticized Oscar de León's snub: And who are you? | Cali

adminDecember 27, 2018

Disgusted, the famous artist of Bonaverense, maestro Yuri Buenaventura, appeared after Venezuelan singer Oscar De Leon looked at him with superior air and asked him: And who are you?

It all started in a dressing room when Yuri went to present France's current ambassador to Colombia, Gautier Micnot, to Oscar de León in Bogotá, and today the story of rebuff was repeated on the eighth floor of the Marriot hotel where the artists live. at the Cali fair.

In dialogue with the reporter Álvaro Miguel Mina, for the Noticiero de la Feria de Cali, the singer Yuri was surprised by the fact that for 25 years with Oscar de León they have shared the stage, many of them in France.

Yuri reminded him that he is a Colombian singer and defends this country and is five times the gold record in France.

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