YouTuber Gokce Yildirim Idi Derici and his dancer

adminJanuary 7, 2019

YouTuber Gökçe Yıldırım said in her makeup video released yesterday, by the dancer girlfriend Ataberk Özdene, she learned that she was unfaithful with singer İrem Derici with the love messages and videos she found on her personal computer. İrem and Ataberk, who made social media statements, denied the allegations.


İrem Derici argued with the Instagram account: "I'm not what?" These people should not be so fond of, and I'm never a true "rung" for this, so when you get to know, you're going to be the target, hit the popcorn festival. I don't care about anything other than my job and my happiness. I feel very good and I fall in love with myself.

İrem Derici and Ataberk Özdene


Ataberk Özdene, who shares with his lover İrem Derici at the same time, said: "Our 2-year relationship with Gokce has ended our love as a result of increasingly frustrating fights and disrespects. Unfortunately, our relationship has progressed completely according to YouTube." At least I don't have a structure to live on YouTube.

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It is never a case of cheating. Only after Gökçe and I broke up our relationship with İrem. This will disturb and ambitious ones that he hacked my Instagram account and read our conversations with Irem. It is very comfortable for us to have a relationship with Gokce when the call is finished. I wish him all the happiness and success in his life and in all people's hands to remember some things well. "

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Talking about the comments Gökçe Yıldırım, "What can I say more? Believe everything is as I told. The YouTube event itself offered me" Look, let your eyes of today's followers. "God really cursed." he said.

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