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adminJanuary 10, 2019

BTS In 2018, he had one of the best years of his career, and this 2019 promises to be even better. The group has just broken a new record in the popular video plan YouTube.

This is the theme "DNA", the video clip of the song already exceeded 600 million reproductions in YouTube, being the first Korean band to overcome this barrier throughout history.

This music video was released on September 18, 2017, and nearly two years later it continues to be one of the most popular songs for BTS.

Even this track is the main track of the album "Love Yourself: Here", the fifth EP of the band, whose premiere happened the same day as the K-Pop band released the single that has broken new record in YouTube.

Among the many records and achievements the boy band has achieved with the "DNA" theme is the fact that it is the first Korean band to reach 350 million, 400 million, 450 million, 500 million, and 550 million reproductions in YouTube.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by the band's fans, who through their social network have congratulated the group and have celebrated this new view of views.

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