YouTube Changes Strategy, Want to Attract More Audiences

adminNovember 28, 2018

YouTube will express growing foreign users.

28 November 2018 at 9:36 CTK

SAN FRANCISCO. YouTube YouTube Video Sharing Portal plans to make all its own programs accessible to all users for free, but with advertising in the future.

The company wishes to attract more audiences to see entertainment programs and movies that have just been intended for subscribers.

The article continues during video advertising

The difference will be in the ad

The change should start to apply from 2020, YouTube said at night on Wednesday.

Subscriptions through YouTube Premium are not the only way to track most of the company's original programs after a new one, and all users have access to them.

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Subscribers will access all videos, ie original and other users, without advertising.

Paid YouTube Premium started three years ago and is available in 29 countries. Slovakia is not among them. The US costs $ 12 a month.

The company did not report how many subscribers had subscribed, Reuters wrote.

Fans of Cobra Kai will pay

YouTube said that the change in the decision to make everything available for free is to meet the growing interests of foreign users in the original programs, as well as advertisers' requirements to link advertising to specific content.

The company will also have more flexibility in promoting its programs.

According to an informed source, some programs or content may only be reserved for subscribers in the future, but only for a short period of time.

Thousands of previously mentioned sessions and movies on YouTube Premium, like the first season of the popular action comedy Cobra Kai, will remain available for a fee, adding the company.

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