Youssef Sherif Rizkallah: Censorship protested against 6 of the official competition films (dialogue)

adminNovember 28, 2018

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Critics and media Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, the artistic director of the Cairo Film Festival, emphasized that the 40th session was full of positive and said that the negatives can be seen by others with the eyes of those who work. The cinematographer and producer Mohamed Hefzi managed to reach the festival safely. The mission as president of the festival was only a few months ago.

In an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Masry Al-Youm said that the absence of the Dubai Festival on the festival chart gave Cairo the opportunity to nominate more than one Egyptian film to participate in its various sections and programs. In contrast, Arabic cinema did not represent the big picture because of the establishment of other festivals such as Carthage, which won the Tunisian films and Marrakech, which launched the session in a few weeks, and formed the Moroccan films that could have participated in the festival and stated that censorship of works requires that six films were ruled out because of the bold scenes. And the text in the dialogue:

■ What is your personal assessment of the 40th session of the festival?

– Full of positive and additive as a result of Mohamed Hafezi's experiences and relationships, both in Egypt and abroad, as a writer and producer who participated in the production of important films, won many prizes with foreign parties, and also has international relations in cinema and appeared to be a red carpet The festival was attended by foreign guests or Egyptian artists who attended the festival in their movies. He also persuaded to add midnight shows, such as many major festivals, limited to films of excitement and horror that appeal to a wide range of youngsters. A series of the main films of these candidates was presented in their presence, followed by seminars where they talked about their experiences. For the first time this year, it was hired a cultural attaché and pressure to attract more foreign journalists to cover the festival. The number of foreign journalists reached 30 for the first time, With a film critic from Latin America to nominate films from countries in the continent to the competition and other branches. When he decided that Russia was the honorary guest of the festival, it was agreed with a Russian critic who lives in France, has strong connections with filmmakers there and had a role in the appointment and selection of a number of Russian films to show within a thousand. We are lucky that the Egyptian films were available this year to participate in many international competitions, Arab Cinema, Critics, Week, Cinema of Tomorrow, 8 films, which is a blow and where we served, stopped the Dubai Festival.

■ What about the shortcomings you are warning about in the future?

"Because I was in the festival, my eye can not fall into the negatives but it is monitored by the outward eyes but the activity status we have seen from seminars, film plays and film days, which includes experiences to convey their experiences, as well as support and Filmmaking, "Safi" managed to get funding from sponsors of "Audience and Best Arab Film in All Divisions". There may be some errors due to time pressure because we started working with the program late.

■ But the Kazakh actress Samal Yselyamova is participating in the arbitration of the international competition, did not participate in the opening?

She came two days after the opening because her film was nominated by the Oscar State for the best foreign film and asked for her presence in Hollywood for two or three days to promote the movie and after the end I came to Cairo.

■ What about the grade to be honored in conclusion?

– British actor Reif Vines will be present in Cairo on Tuesday and will be honored on stage and his latest movie "The White Crow" will be shown. He also participated in the film.

■ Many criticized the opening ceremony and said that it was not appropriate for the festival in its 40th session?

– Egyptian artists and filmmakers participate in honoring and presenting prizes to foreign actors or filmmakers. A generous gesture from Laila Alawi or Lalba, Majed El Kadwani and Sherif Mounir.

■ Did you know about your honor?

– I learned my newsletter for the 72-hour ceremony and was a surprise and very proud of you love that I saw from all the audience on stage and in the theater, to be honored on the journeys journey and continuous work not expected gratitude and what Done at this stage is certainly a pleasure, In my speech, I would like to thank all those who have worked with me because they are their rights.

■ The artist Samir Sabri was honored to be in the air?

Regardless of whether he is asked for the honor or not, it is possible to ask for it, but Samir Sabri is the first advertiser of the festival. He has a long and deserved history. The theater is certainly not an improvised place.

■ What about the budget for this session?

– The budget came close to 40 million pounds, 5 million from the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture supported the festival budget of 16 million, and engineer Samih Sawiris 2 million and businessman Yassin Mansour 8 million and other sponsors all for the benefit of the festival to increase activities and guests, support, because the expenses are multilingual daily bulletin and are a very important cultural and information platform.

■ agree or disagree that a large part of the budget has been spent on dazzling items?

"I'm not responsible for finance, but buying DCB projectors is a very good step and money in place, spending on Red Carpet and marketing for the festival is an important thing that we should not overlook.

■ The show program was not completed and movies were announced a few days before the session. Why?

– This feature of major festivals in Cannes and Berlin is taking place, the main movie of the competition's films is announced and others and giving the time to announce 4 or 5 films before opening, and wait for some of the movies in anticipation of the end and in Cairo Film was We reluctant to participate in more than one movie for the competition. We decided to add two movies, Mamanga by filmmaker Denis Hara and "The Crystal Swan" by Russian director Dalya Zuk.

Why did the Arab cinema cross the international competition?

– We tried to nominate an Arab film for the first time in the Middle East. Because of the Carthage Festival, it was important to show its Tunisian films. Within a few days, the Marrakech festival was launched, and it is definitely aware of the Moroccan films. The Egyptian film is an external night, and this is not an expression of the Arab film's weakness.

■ What about the role of censorship of artwork at the festival?

– Censorship of 160 movies participated in the session, protesting against some movies, demanding exclusion and reaching them to agree on the offer one or two, and agreed by Khalid Abdul Jalil, censorship leader, but there were films in the international The competition and presented twice are very difficult and agreed to offer, provided that it is limited to the opera house and not outside.

■ How many movies have been rejected?

– Just a movie and agreed to make only one offer to him, and also protested against six movies and was used to show twice because it is within the competition and the guests are present.

■ What about the reason for refusing to check?

– Excessive scenes bold.

■ Some critics protested against the Lebanese film show Eid lunch because it produced 2017?

– 90% of the films presented at the festival produce 2018, and the remaining production is late 2017 and was chosen according to the prescribed regulations.

■ Return of the festival's economic prices How do you see them?

– It's an audience prize and the best Arab Film Prize in the tournament and a budget should be given to allow the best film and best production to encourage producers to send their movies to the festival in hopes of winning the movie to compensate a portion of the budget.

■ What is the difference between the press center president and the leader's artistic director?

It is assumed that there are representatives from the press center to cover the seminar's activities from seminars or seminars or anything else. It is noted that the paper press is interested in coverage and has good ideas. Ahmed Shawki may have participated in writing some data because he saw these movies and not so Khaled Mahmoud and is not required to write what he did not see and see the entire catalog word.

■ Why do you trust Ahmed Shawki as deputy in recent years?

– Because he is very active and loves cinema and travel and sees the development of industry in most of the country, I remind my youth in his passion for cinema, and very well with him, and nominates good movies and gains experience from year to year.

■ PR and distribution company working with the festival What is the secret of the large number of movies in today's session?

The company is actively promoting cinema and distribution of films and collaborates largely with all festivals and not just Cairo, and its President Alaa Karkooty has unique ideas for seminars and events from us and there is no personal interest in him because he guides his Movies for free for the festival.

■ What is your personal review of Mohamed Hafezy of your experience for many years at the festival?

"Safi succeeded largely to be a fingerprint and ask the Ministry of Culture to give more confidence because it came before the start of the festival a couple of months did not know about the festival anything and succeeded in getting out to safety and well.

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