"You're a Fake" Kendall Jenner is criticized for presenting her new alliance with acne products

adminJanuary 8, 2019

On the night of Sunday, January 6, during the transfer of the Golden Globes 2019, Kendall Jenner was expected to make her most dramatic and powerful revelation, at least her mother, Kris Jenner, outlined it in social networks, to the question of asking all her successors , who will help her and support her in this difficult moment

The great confession of Kendall Jenner was a commercial alliance

The truth is that the day came and the great confession of Kendall Jenner was an alliance with the Proactive brand, which specializes in skin care and in the case of Kendall, on how to treat the acne problem medically and safely. to millions of people worldwide.

With this movement, the feelings of the socialite, the model and the star "Continue with Kardashain's" immediately felt annoyed, because they previously saw how Kendall solved his acne problem in other ways, and that now he only used his fame to sell a product that never helped her.

Her tears in the Proactives commercial were compared to Regina Georges & # 39; crocodile tears & # 39; in the movie "Mean Girls".

Other supporters claimed that the product was not safe and that Kendall's face was fake due to operations.

Many couldn't hide their annoyance.

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