Your sex horoscope for the weekend

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Your sexoscope for the week of January 11 – January 18:


Friday's Fishing Moon feels like nothing but a wet blanket on your day, Aries. It's emotional, dramatic, and puts you on the edge. Wait until the moon enters your sign on Saturday morning to start the weekend, feel energetic and busy! Mars is in your sign, bustling you with endurance and a fully-charged libido, and Venus, the planet of love, is in a like-minded fire sign, Sagittarius. This means your confidence is top quality, whether you're looking for a connection, continue to promise a date, or choose to spend the weekend with friends.

On Monday, the moon goes calm and sensual Taurus, which is good for your sign, so you feel good in the bedroom or just push yourself to relax. The week ends with the moon entering Gemini, which helps you feel more carefree, positive and social!


Friday's Fish Moon vibrates well with you, and you are in the mood to go out, Taurus. You should definitely do it! A new connection you meet stops giving a strong impression on you, and it seems that at least one of you can develop a serious infatuation!

On Saturday, the moon enters Brash Aries. In your chart, this falls into the loneliness and subconscious sector. Treat yourself this weekend to a little "me time" and relax yourself – you deserve a break! The rest of the week is easy enough, with the moon entering your sign on Monday and creating a low key, easy atmosphere.


Friday night looks quite intense, Gemini! The Moon is in Pisces – the most emotional sign – and the Sun joins Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, in the chart's zone of intimacy and sex. Your feelings are incredibly passionate and the mood is warmer and heavier than ever! If you go home with someone, don't expect to have a quickie and then share ways. With how intense the atmosphere is and how deep your feelings are, it's basically a guarantee, and that's all just Friday!

Aries moon for the rest of the weekend is more fast paced and cozy, but Venus, the planet of love, plays games with Pluto it seems, so this carnal and sexy mood lasts a while! The bull moon comes on Monday, and with that, a break from these intense feels. Take a few days to relax before the moon enters the sign Wednesday, and life gets busy again.


The fish moon on Friday can feel too emotional for some, but you are thriving, Cancer! When the moon is in a watermark like yours, the mood is easy and harmonizes with yours. The sun and Pluto are connected, which means The one-on-one meetings you have are intense! This astrology may indicate a relationship that starts, or a great breakup brewing, has a meeting with some new ones that feel meant to be, or just some really unforgettable actions in the bedroom!

Your character has taken matters very seriously lately, and great relationships have begun and end in your life lately. This week contains such an occurrence where an important relationship picks up or ends. Don't be nervous, though if this week is the start of something new or you call it ending with someone, you understand that it is to your advantage.


The fish moon on Friday is to stir up your emotions, little Leo. It is the dreamiest, most emotional position of the moon, and it flows deep into the chart's intimacy zone, so any gender you have is magical! Much of the astrology of the sign's busy weekend is work-bleh, thank you, Capricorn season. Fortunately, on Saturday, the moon comes to fierce weather, and you are bright and optimistic!

For over a week, lucky Jupiter in the chart's sex / romance has the square of dreamy Neptune in the chart's business, and this weekend's energy is its strongest! This means that love is in the air, and you feel super romantic (and pretty horny), and it is the perfect astrology for a serious upgrade to your love / sex life! Watch out, though! When idealistic Neptune involves itself in your horoscope, it can make things seem too good to be true – take the time to get to know someone before making any big commitments!


Friday is the perfect date night, Virgo! The moon is in Pisces, the AKA chart's zone of relationships, so connect with the bae or ask that the girlfriend of their number is a breeze! The sun also connects with Pluto on Friday, a heavy one in transit that suggests intense encounters leading to major changes. This connection takes place in the chart's zone romance, fun and sex, So serious breakthroughs in love life are on the menu for this weekend!

Your fav planet, communicative Mercury, gently connects to dreamy Neptune this week, showing nice, romantic, and emotional connections. If you've been waiting for the right time to turn on your love, it's your chance now!


Looks like you are clocked longer than expected Friday night, Libra. The fish moon spends the whole evening in the chart's work area, so the weekend starts late. Luckily, the moon enters into Aries early Saturday morning, activates the chart's zone of relationships and puts a nice pep in your step! Spending time with friends, relaxing with S.O., or a quick connection are all great ways to use the Aries moon, which favors one-to-one interactions for your character.

The cap season is not particularly exciting, especially for Libras, and the low key lashes of the landmark are reflected on how introverted you are this week. It doesn't mean you have to be at home alone all the time – just invite the action to you! Look up your FWB or your last Tinder fight and tell them to come through – you won't regret it!


You are fine on Friday night, Scorpio, as the Fish Moon illuminates the chart's zone romance and fun and you feel flirtatious, fun and safe! If you feel connected, head out and you have no trouble finding one. Whether you go out or not, there are important connections made on Friday when the sun goes with Pluto in Capricorn.

On Saturday, the moon enters Aries and turns your focus to work, but new meetings continue throughout the weekend, shown by Venus's friction with Pluto and Jupiter's energy with Neptune on Sunday. When you enter someone new that day, you can't help but fall fast! No rush, though. Get to know this new personMonday's bull's eye makes a connection to others a breeze, and mercury connection with Pluto on the same day encourages you to ask questions, communicate, and learn. The inquisitive and curious Gemini moon that closes out the week also forces you to explore this new person, but it also activates the chart's intimacy zone, so why not take this exploration to the bedroom?


It's a quiet Friday, Sagittarius. The Moon is in Quiet Pisces, hidden deep away in the chart's life sector. Fortunately, bright and early Saturday, the moon enters the warm weather and stimulates the chart's erogenous zone of sex, fun and romance! With Venus, the planet of love, also in your character, You are absolutely irresistible now.

Weekend vibes remain upbeat until Capricorn season is all work, no games vibes cut the party short on Sunday and Mercury, communication plan, encounter Saturn, the duty of responsibility and discipline. The next day, the moon comes into the Taurus industry, and you spend most of the week working. The moon enters Gemini and activates the chart's zone of relationships on Wednesday. The perfect hump day's mood to break the routine of your busy week.


Happy Birthday! Friday night's fishing moon gives an emotional backdrop to a rather intense day for your character, Capricorn. The sun collides with Pluto, the zodiac is the agent of secrets and transformation, in your sign. For you, little seagull, This means that a relationship in your life needs to change something, and on Friday you make the change. Maybe you've caught feelings for a friend and are trying to take it to the next step with them. Maybe you've been stuck with some lama fuckboy and you decide to give him the boot. What is important is that there are changes, and also you is the one who is in control.

The rest of the weekend falls under a lunar moon, which is slow and more introverted to your character, and the week begins with a Taurus moon. The moon here feels sensual, flirtatious and fun-def the part of the week you want to book some birthday plans for if you can!


The fish moon on Friday is easy for you to handle, Aquarius. It gives a relaxing atmosphere and activates the chart's zone with joy and desire, so if you are lucky, it promises to be a particularly sensual affair. Saturday's weather moon is rambunctious and high energy, and the burning energy is naturally compatible with the air sign.

It plays nicely with the planet of relationships, Venus, which is beneficial in Sagittarius. This activates the chart's zone for socialization and friend circles, So beware of a new addition to the squad or someone you meet through a common friend– They can be more than just friends before you know it!


The moon is in your sign on Friday, Pisces, and you look good and feel lovely! Take a step out tonight and tie out all the stress coming from Capricorn season. You owe it to yourself. Plus, who knows who you can get into! Even if you go out just to be with friends, get some sweet ones in your eyes and get your number set by Sola and Intense Pluto who meet in the chart's zone of social circles.

Pluto blends with Venus, the planet of relationships, later in the weekend, suggesting some new action in your love / sex life. Taurus moon on Monday suggests a very communicative period during which you text and speak and call non-stop. Mercury interacts nicely with your character, and it looks like you can catch emotions! Look up Neptune, the illusion planet, is in your character and involves much of your horoscope. Be careful that this cute new dream boat doesn't turn out to be a nightmare!

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