Your discussion thread full of spoiler for Doctor Who: "Rosa"

adminOctober 22, 2018

Vinette Robinson as Mrs. Rosa Parks in Doctor who.
Photo: BBC

Tonight Doctor who He ventured back to 1955 to watch carefully the struggles of Rosa Parks in mid-twentieth-century Alabama. Let us know what you thought of your take on a crucial moment in history in our weekly discussion area, spoiler-tastic.

"Rosa" is a very peculiar episode of Doctor who, in the sense that it addresses a very serious issue, one that the program has addressed many, many times before, in a way that is surprisingly absent from the usual artifice of the program. Allegory is one of Doctor whoThe greatest friends gave us underground monsters of lizards as a pretext for climate change, cyborg zombies as a comment on replacement surgery, and the fascist fender as a substitute for … well, the fascists are crazy. Then while Doctor who He has addressed the issue of racism before, seeing him do it without his usual level of allegory intact was surprising (and welcome) in his frankness.

And it is very forceful, to the point that their direct focus not only through what happened Rosa, but the struggles that Yaz and Ryan still face, and struggles that will continue beyond any of them, could also be a bit as well a lot sometimes for some. But it's easy to forget that even with a topic like racism, Doctor who It's still a show for families to see. The impulse to educate such a broad audience, as abruptly as possible in this case, on social issues can be so complicated (as, say, use the emotional power of Andra Day of Andra on the taking of the show about the moment of Rosa's challenge on board the bus), but sometimes, such heaviness is necessary.

Whether it's 1955, 2018, or the future of this week's villain Krasko, sometimes the bad guy is a racist asshole because he's a racist asshole, and not a monster, a time travel or any another thing. And something as systemic as racism can not be solved with a trip on the TARDIS or a wave of the sonic screwdriver, it is something that must always be resisted, again and again. The fact that Doctor who Being able to address a topic in such a crude, subtle or not, is a powerful statement about the role and the message that the program still has, all these years since it began.

Tomorrow we will have more to say in our summary, but for now, let us know what you thought of "Rosa" in the comments below.

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