Young man wanted to look like Ricky Martin and look like this after several operations

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December 30, 2018 12:57
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In 2009, the Argentine Fran Mariano became known in his country to participate in the program Material of weight, a reality that competed overweight people whose goal was to lose weight. Although he achieved his goal, he lost 90 kilos, his dream would look like his idol Ricky Martin and he underwent more than 27 operations. The pictures of her before and after went viral on Facebook.

According to several Argentine portals, the fanatics of Fran Mariano of Puerto Rico's Ricky Martin began when he was 17 years old.

"This comes from a long time ago, when I was 12 years old, did practical work for the school, they showed us what we wanted to be, and 17 I had the first consultation with a doctor, I felt something was not right," reveals the young man. which came to weigh 176 kilos when it started to be a part of Material of weight.

"When they told me I had an air of Ricky Martin, I took it as a joke, but I started doing some tweaks and the similarity grew and they all told me and I thought" good, good if we go for That, let's go for everything, "he adds.

Fran Mariano began his series of operations in 2010, which to date exceed twenty.

"I have more than 27 operations, when I worked on my butt, do everything bad, I was up for 20 days and my tail was deformed, I'm going to be honest, I care a lot about what the others think. Tell me where nice you are. & # 39; Almost all my life I was in a body that I wouldn't be, he says.

Among some of the operations revealed by Argentine are the four rhinoplasty, a liposuction on the buttocks, where the fat was used to form the cheekbone. "I took the nasolabial from my face and filled it in," the young man explained.

Fran Mariano works in the network sector of a communications company that offers internet, telephony and cable.

Fran Mariano, the Argentine who underwent more than nine plastic operations to look like Ricky Martin | Photo: Facebook

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