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adminDecember 28, 2018

A young man accusing American actress Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has partially filmed the incident. This is evident from the complaint that the AFP news agency was able to see.

Consequently, the then 18-year-old sent his girlfriend via the online service Snapchat News and a video from the restaurant "Club Car" in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

You seemed to be a 23 year old

The young man named in the lawsuit, William Little, blames the Oscar winner Spacey for tearing him down in the restaurant in 2016 after drinking beer and whiskey together. The young man, who mistakenly portrayed Spacey as a 23-year-old, apparently showed messages to his girlfriend that night. Because she didn't believe him, he sent her a Snapchat video.

The police provided the video. The young man confirmed that the footage shows him and Spacey. The 59-year-old actor ("American Beauty", "House of Cards") may be charged the charges on January 7 before the Nantucket District Court. His lawyer did not initially respond to a request for the video on Wednesday.

Retired from the public

The first assault on Spacey was published in October last year. The actor has since withdrawn from the audience, his career is on hold. Among other things, he lost the lead role in the Netflix series "House of Cards".

(Video: Youtube / Kevin Spacey)

On Monday, Spacey returned with a video released on Youtube, where he slipped into the role of his character Frank Underwood in "House of Cards". In that he speaks of unspecified claims against him and says that he does not pay for offenses that he did not commit. (Chk / SDA)

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