You'd better believe it: Justin Bieber shaved his head

adminOctober 31, 2018

Justin Bieber, shaved head

"What do you mean?" Justin Bieber Has he shaved his head? Oh baby, baby, baby, it's real.

The singer cut her delicious blond curls on Tuesday and showed off her new & # 39; do in a selfie & # 39; in his Instagram story.

Bieber had been wearing his long hair for quite some time, often wearing scarves, sweat bands or hats to keep it away from his face. His shorter hairstyle, skater-boy type, really came true at the end of last year and then grew to reach the base of his neck. Your blond hair plays an important role in many of your photos, whether you're playing an intense soccer game or running in a building.

Until today, Bieber and his girlfriend. Hailey Baldwin They both had long blond hair, but maybe they found a new Purpose To debut your updated look.

Justin Bieber


The 24-year-old singer might have been inspired by one of his BFFs (and "man crush") that also made a big change in his appearance: Post Malone. Bieber and the singer of "Rockstar" have published a lot of photos together and are open to their friendship. "I'm very proud of you, brother, I love you, Posty would do anything for you …" Bieber subtitled a picture of them sitting at the piano.

Just before the American Music Awards of 2018, Malone cut her bread / braids / mullet. The artist revealed why he made the change in his appearance: "I had 2 great fears: please, do not stop listening to my music".

As of now, Bieber has not yet revealed why his blonde hair no longer exists.

It has been about a month and a half since Bieber and Baldwin were legally married in New York. Since then, the singer has accompanied his girlfriend / model wife in London and they have packed the PDA to boot. Baldwin also continues to support Bieber, despite speculation that he did not know the correct way to eat a burrito. "It's amazing" she told him Harper's Bazaar for its November edition.

So, for now, Bieber has a beauty and a buzzcut.

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