YOU. Officially he has had it with Kanye West, calls him a "puppet" after the Trump meeting

adminOctober 13, 2018

The rapper from Atlanta relayed all his complaints to artist "Ye" after West's meeting with the president in the Oval Office on Thursday. Everyone. From them.

On Instagram, T.I. He wrote an extensive caption accompanying a video clip of the meeting, in which West can be heard expressing his love for President Trump, saying, "I love this guy." The video also shows that he embraces the president from behind Resolute's desk.

T.I., who has publicly accused Trump of emboldening white supremacists, said West's actions were "repulsive" and "shameful." He also used racially charged references to slavery to describe the rapper "Paul's Life."

"I refuse to associate with something so vile, weak, [and] inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of ALL OUR PEOPLE! ", wrote.

Clearly, West's meeting at the Oval Office was the turning point for T.I. The Atlanta native preceded his trenchant comments about Instagram on West, noting that he had previously said he "did not jump to any premature conclusions" about West.

In fact, although T.I. He has publicly criticized the message behind West's recent political criticism, which he had previously insisted on not ruling it out.

In May, T.I was asked about the now infamous visit of West to the newsroom of TMZ, in which he suggested that slavery "seems like a choice". YOU. He insisted that he did not believe that West's intentions were "malicious", although he made it clear that he did not agree with his comments.

T.I., who has been outspoken on issues such as police brutality, also collaborated with West on a song called "Vos The People" in April, in which West discusses T.I. in his case for his admiration of Trump.

But now it seems that T.I. towards West and his controversial comments has changed. On Instagram, he said that West put his "soul in an auction" during the visit to the White House. He added: "I'm ashamed to have been associated with you." He also called West a "puppet."

"I have reached my limits", T.I. wrote. "This is my stop, officially DONE !!!!"

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