Yilmaz Erdogan: We have not targeted the Mars group, the problem is not the Egyptian war, all hope is on the commission

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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Yılmaz Erdoğan postponed the vision of the new film & # 39; Organized Works 2 & # 39;, and thanked Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy for his work on the subject. Erdogan, "We're targeting the Mars group, we're not fighting them. It's not a war in Egypt. It's an injustice, we're trying to correct. All our hope is on the commission," he said.

The discussions between movie producers and salon operators on ticket prices continue. Many public sector names and some filmmakers confront some of the sector's halo operators related to the claims of social media accounts, and made statements to the press.

Director, producer and screenwriter Turker Inanoglu, who is one of the key names of Turkish cinema, said in a statement he made on a television program, he participated on the telephone that there had been no disagreement between cinema operators and filmmakers earlier.

Inanoglu, filmmakers of the past, do not sell peanuts and corn, says: "Mısırı buffet request from the operator, would not want to buy. 10 percent of the revenue of the municipality as a tax would go. The rest was split. The old procedure was like that. "There was no discussion. Only the buffet paid rent to the filmmaker," he said.

& # 39; Where are you CEM YILMAZ? & # 39;

In the sector at that time, only filmmakers and producers involved in the transfer of Inanoglu said

"In addition to the filmmaker and producer, there were also regional operators, they bought the business districts. For a year they would shop there for 2 years, sometimes profits will be lost in time. Everything that would pass between the filmmaker and the filmmaker. The artists were never involved in these cases. "

Inanoglu, instead of important artists, states that no one can come, "Where do you see Cem Yilmaz? How, Cem Yilmaz how, how many years does 80 million come in a land of another guy like him? Not easy, they are all an ore. "Who can put Cüneyt Arkın in place?"

"We have claimed that the team that made this before

Yılmaz Erdoğan, who has postponed the vision date of his new movie "Organizer İşler 2", also participated in the TRT Haber program and thanked the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy for his work on the subject and said: can. Really he and his team worked very quickly, very quickly. All hope is on the commission, "he said.

Notes that the main problem in the discussions was not corn, Erdogan said:

"Actually, the main problem is transparency. We sold the tickets to where we sold them, we don't see it. I hope this situation will be corrected by the new law." Cem Yilmaz said something very clear. We're targeting the Mars group, we're not fighting them, it's not war wars, we don't have a war in the middle, we have an injustice, we're trying to fix everything, but at the moment we're trying to fix it. "I don't know what their purpose is because we didn't have such things with the team before this one. All hope is on the commission."


Director Ezel Akay, in his speech on a program he gave at TGRT News, pointed out that the debate was a topic that had been going on for years, and that advertising decisions taken by cinema operators should be within their knowledge.

cinemas in Turkey stressed that ticket prices are high because of the small Akay, he has proposed the establishment of the neighborhood theater as a solution.

Producer and salon owner Şükrü Avşar also participated in the program where he participated in the program, saying that carrying the problems has caused damage to the Turkish cinema sector. Or, or We must solve the problems soon. At the moment, filmmakers are also in a difficult situation. Due to the rising prices, the situation goes towards a blind edge. If we don't keep the filmmakers alive, the movies won't be made next year. That's my concern. "

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