Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yilmaz Full support!

adminDecember 31, 2018

Mars Group Corporate Affairs Director Aslı Irmak Acar "Cem Yilmaz is not another Cem Yilmaz. Cem Yilmaz also responded to Yilmaz Erdogan on these statements.

"I did not remove HANIMEFEND"

After the crisis between filmmakers and salon operators, he has postponed his next film, Organized İşler 2 Sazan Sarmalı. Yılmaz Erdoğan made a statement from his social media account. Erdogan, "a new Cem Yilmaz was surprised enough to say that I could not remove this lady. Cem said what he said. I condemn this pristine, unreasonable approach.

What did CEM YILMAZ do?

Cem Yilmaz's social sharing from the media accounts "is going to issue new Cem Yılmaz this lady I saw for the first time in my life!" Re slow. Lady, let's leave Cem Yilmaz remove the whole Turkey movie ticket would offer to make 15 pounds you have no one to sell tickets 40 pounds? Deferred I cross Genghis, I want to use the people who are in the mind of the bold people to beat the helm is the wrong address! Yilmaz has no news.

Oh, man! I ask the artist in the movie, including those who have no criticism other than the money you took, how many pounds of movie tickets? I sell the movie to the audience for how many liras and who does this lady over my side? And shameless seller populism! Fast ticket 15 lira! "He said.

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