Yesterday he sang with them, today he takes them by plane. Mihai Sturzu became a pilot

adminJanuary 9, 2019

He is only 39, but he has tried all the way up to this age. Mihai Sturzu was a singer and politician, but now he is a line profile employed by a low cost airline, which transports passengers across Europe and beyond.

A few days after New Year's Eve, he piloted the plane where his former colleagues, Paul Surugiu-Fuego, Adrian Enache followed his two children, Diana and David, Iuliana Marciuc, but also the author Rodica Elena Lupu, who liked to see the former member of Hi Q-band in this position.

The artists who met Mihai aboard the plane were photographed and talked to him, and he was delighted that he was able to pilot his former counterparts abroad.

He has been a deputy for four years

In fact, in his racing he is a real surprise to many passengers who in the year's glory of the song sang the tune Hi-Q a dozen times. Now he can't believe when I recognize the former soloist dressed in the pilot uniform sang on the command of an Airbus 320. 7 years ago, the Mihai took the patent for the ultra-light aircraft carrier and in 2017 became the pilot line. Mihai quickly entered the bread, hired from the low-cost carrier in autumn 2017. But the first plane on an Airbus 320 was made in March 2018.

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