Yes, you can girls! Drew Barrymore lost 12 kilos in three months (Photos)

adminDecember 26, 2018

Drew Barrymore He surprised all his followers after sharing his incredible transformation after losing 12 kilos in just three months. Eye, did not come from work and grace of magic or any miraculous pill, the 43-year-old actress revealed how he made it possible for his new figure: with great effort and dedication. Through his social network, the star "Los Angeles de Charlie" documented the process of their new image.

Barrymore said that the present result is the product of "diet, exercise and struggle as a lioness", but it would not have been possible without the help of a specialist in the area who guided her at all times to achieve such good results. she He assures that throughout his life he has struggled with his weight and his genetics makes it more difficult, but he emphasizes:

"I love where I come from (John ETHEL LIONEL) and the package that comes (…) I just know I have the control to be what I want, even if it's difficult". Earlier this year, the actor of the "Santa Clarita Diet" told people that during a recession of the program, persuasion began, and even though she didn't mind, her family talked about her physique. now Drew She is proud to see that her efforts have been rewarded.

On the other hand, he commented on what he did with the production of the Netflix series, which chose to help her in the process because they thought it would give her character a boost. And although she has advanced a lot and she looks much better, the truth is that the actor continues to work hard because she mentioned in Instagram who hope to look like the two women in their publication.

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