WWM New Year's Eve: Jauch visited Nazi survivors in Israel

adminDecember 29, 2018

1531073.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/20790483-1546037611000/16-9/750/1531073.jpg "/></source></source></picture><figcaption><p class=Doris Vollburger (middle) used to be a chimney sweeper. In the future she wants to bring happiness to children.

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The garden gate pulled, so Günther Jauch jumped over the fence with a special WWM fan. The Nazi survivor, who lives in Israel today, thanks to New Year's Eve especially with a video message. Winner of the evening was suitably an ex-chimney sweeper.

For some viewers, "Who will be a millionaire?" more than pure entertainment. Most fan letters from outside Germany get Günther Jauch from Israel. The moderator told this on Friday during New Year's Eve especially in an unusual personal moment. These older WWM fans had fled to Israel as children before the Nazis. Last year Jauch lived for a holiday in the country. He decided to visit one of his fans. At Miriam Blumenreich-Fiegel the garden gate was jammed. The moderator climbed over the fence and called the 87-year-old. But it was originally suspicious.

When Günther Jauch calls

"She knew nothing about it," recalled Jauch in the last broadcast of the year 2018. "She said through the window: Yes, who is there? And I said: This is Günter Jauch, of course she did I didn't think so, so I almost broke into her apartment. "The old lady would have liked to attend New Year's Eve as a candidate. Finally, international guests were invited to share their respective New Year's Eve traditions. But her age did not allow the 87-year-old to travel far to Cologne. Instead, she wanted the presenter" good health, many more WWM broadcasts "message and a good new year.

Doris Vollburger from Sehnde near Hannover was the first candidate for candidates with other cultural roots. She was left from the other Christmas special. The break brought an almost fateful turn. In the Christmas-dressed studio, the candidate had seemed a little insecure. But on New Year's Eve, the special shipment was the former chimney, which is married to its former boss, his own fortunate charm. Vollburger received a brilliant € 125,000. The pensioner wants to finance a generation house for his family. She also wants to draw with a "Peter-Lustig-Bauwagen" through prefabricated homes in Hanover and provide children with beautiful recreational opportunities.

Bread instead of Böller

Vollburger left Jauch and her successors with a bag of lucky and black colored biscuits. The latter had an unsatisfactory message for Mazdak Saberi from Lüneburg. "You can keep talking, no one hears you anyway," said Pechkek from the BWL student with Macedonian roots. But he made a profit of 16,000 euros, but quite a long way. Saberi had brought back Jauch's traditional flatbread with a coin buried in it.

Omid Bayat from Berlin had to pay 8,000 euros. But the visibly nervous restaurant owner seemed happy with it. He had come from Kabul to Germany as a four year old. For him, New Year's Eve has a very special meaning. As a young child, Bayat heard bombs detonate outside. His mother tried to scare him. "She used to say it New Year's Eve," said 33-year-old.

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