WWE SmackDown results, summary, grades: historic match set for Evolution, a growing World Cup field

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Following Super Show-Down, which took place last Saturday in Australia, there is much to expect in the near future. Two pay-per-view events will be scheduled with the historic Evolution Evolution for women on October 28, followed closely by the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 2. , highlighted by a historic Evolution match announcement and two new members added to the field of the WWE World Cup. We were also able to see for the first time a WWE championship program that everyone had been waiting for eagerly.

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Bryan-Styles begins, Miz endures

Miz started the scheduled segment of "Miz TV" on Tuesday night informing everyone that general manager Paige warned her to be a professional throughout the program. WWE champion AJ Styles was announced to the ring first, followed by Crown Jewel title challenger Daniel Bryan. Styles and Bryan shook hands immediately in the middle of the ring, and Miz was absolutely disgusted. He said no one wants to see signs of mutual respect when the biggest prize is on the line. Bryan cheated on Miz by asking if they wanted to talk about their game at Super Show-Down … because it will not take long.

Styles was asked about the caliber of the opponent Bryan is, and while the rivalry with Joe continually spills from the ring and becomes personal, the confrontation with Bryan will remain between the ropes inside the house he built. Miz tried to turn that into Styles by proclaiming it's better than Bryan, but Bryan was not having any of that. Returning to the quick result of Super Show-Down, Bryan referred to Miz as the "2 minute man". Styles told Bryan that, with all due respect, since his return, he has not faced anyone who is phenomenal, while pointing to Miz. Bryan got serious and said that his dream since returning is to regain the WWE championship, and Styles got up from his chair to proclaim that he is not moving sideways for anyone, not even Bryan. The styles seemed about to get more serious when he approached and told Bryan he had a question for him, but that question for Bryan was simply about how much fun it is to hit Miz in the face.

Miz snapped as she stood on her apron. He said he tried to be professional for the segment, but he can not take it anymore. He called Bryan's victory over him in Super Show-Down by chance, noting that his shoulder was up. He asked Paige for a rematch, but was not rewarded because Bryan is a charity case. Then, Miz turned his attention to Styles, telling the champion that he's been the starter for almost a year and that the title has never been more irrelevant. If you want to know why the WWE championship is not the main pay-per-event event, all you have to do is look in the mirror. No matter who emerges with the Crown Jewel title, Miz stated that he has the following. Then he told Styles that he was facing the man who defeated Bryan last week: Shelton Benjamin.

AJ Styles def. Shelton Benjamin through pinfall: Styles, with Bryan and Miz in the comments, won the victory after the phenomenal forearm. Bryan stood up and applauded his opponent as he watched from the announcer's desk.

The mere fact of witnessing Bryan and Styles standing in the center of the ring face to face with the WWE championship in the picture was enough to give any wrestling fan a real goose bump. When Bryan's return was announced, revisiting his old independent rivalry with Styles was on almost everyone's wish list, and now the time has come. That said, it's also perfect to keep Miz in this mix. His work during the past year has given him the right to sit on top of the blue mountain brand, and you already have the feeling that by the time everything is ready, neither Bryan nor Styles will be in possession of that title. . Grade: B +

The rivalry of Lynch-Flair reaches a violent level.

SmackDown began Tuesday night with champion Becky Lynch and challenger Charlotte Flair already prepared in their respective corners in the ring. The formal introductions followed, and we set off in this SmackDown women's championship, equipped with the stipulation that if Lynch disqualified herself, she would lose the title.

SmackDown Women's Championship – Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair ends in double countout: This three-segment match took almost the first half hour of this week's episode, and in the end, the fights that these two women continually took abroad reached them as they counted. Because Flair did not win a clean pin and Lynch was not disqualified, the title remains with the "Irish Lass Kicker." Then, they fought up the ramp, and that was when this rivalry took an even more violent turn with Flair leaving Lynch through the video board at the top of the stage. Officials left immediately to see how the two women were doing when the program for a commercial was released. Later in the show, Paige announced that due to the heated nature of this fight, Lynch and Flair will meet in Evolution in the first game of Last Woman Standing.

All the time it was assumed that this rivalry would be presented on the Evolution card, and that was confirmed with everything that happened on Tuesday, as these two will make history in the women's division with the stipulation of Last Woman Standing. As for this particular match on Tuesday … well, let's say it was not the best effort these two have made among themselves. The brutal ending added a bit more to personal revenge here, but the overall coincidence had more vague and sloppy points than you can count on. Just one night of rest for Lynch and Flair in the ring. Grade: C-

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe through the arrest of the referee (World Cup qualifying match): They played until the knee injury that Joe suffered at the hands of Styles on Saturday in Super Show-Down, with Hardy working as hard as he could. Finally, Joe could not stand up, and the referee called the bell. Hardy enters the field of the WWE World Cup that already includes John Cena and Kurt Angle.
  • The trick of Aiden English is over. English said that after presenting the video last week, he received six-figure offers. However, he was here on Tuesday night to show us the whole cut of the director. The extended images of last week showed Lana telling English that she wanted him to know how much it means to Rusev the way he sings his praises. English bent to make a move on Lana, but the video was cut. He called Rusev in the ring and told him to drop Lana and reform Rusev's day or that he would release the rest of the images. However, Lana came out and said that she herself would show what happened (she hacked the English because her password was, apparently, "I heart Rusev"). All that happened was that Lana closed the advance, and after an excavation of English, Rusev ran to the ring to put his hands on the Englishman, who finally escaped.
  • Randy Orton def. Big Show through pinfall (World Cup Qualifying Match): Orton is the fourth participant in the WWE World Cup, dispatching the Big Show that returns after connecting with the RKO.


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