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adminNovember 20, 2018

After a brief presentation of Elias, commentator Michael Cole revealed that the opener would now be a knockout match.

McIntyre crushed Balor with a big kick in the direction of the commercial break, taking control of the game.

Back in action, the heels had firm control of the fight, isolated Balor and helped him overcome his considerable size and strength. In a cool place, Balor reached the tip of his fingers when making the access tag to Strowman, but was removed through the ring while the punishment continued.

Balor finally created the separation and was marked in Elias, who exploded in the match and took the fight to Lashley. He threw Corbin to the ground and joined Balor on his heels. Balor eliminated GM and Lashley at ringside and climbed the ropes to finish with Coup de Grace.

McIntyre interfered, crushed Balor and finished him with the Claymore Kick to give the heels a 3-2 lead.

Strowman paced back and forth on the apron while the heels isolated Elijah.

Later, when the singer grabbed Lio Rush at the ringside, Lashley attacked him and left him lying down. Elias was unable to respond to the referee's count of 10 and was eliminated, leaving Strowman to fight his opponents for his solitaire.

After the commercial, McIntyre and Lashley double-teamed with Strowman for Corbin to approve him from the apron. Satisfied that the monster had been subjugated, Corbin entered the ring and placed it with some rights and stomps.

Strowman defended himself, destroyed Lashley at ringside and set his sights on Corbin. A blind charge in the corner almost hurt him on his return, but he responded with a powerslam. Before he could eliminate the GM, McIntyre used a chair to hit Strowman and leave him vulnerable.

The disqualification eliminated the Scottish sinister.

Strowman's beating continued, including a Claymore Kick from McIntyre and a trip to the steel steps at ringside. The heels placed Strowman's exposed arm on the stairs of the ring, and Corbin threw another game, leaving The Monster Among Men screaming in pain, his arm bloodied.


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This worked throughout the first hour of the show and did not have a conclusive ending.

That was the only negative here, since the heels got a ton of legitimate heat by crushing the Strowman monster and beating him, forcing the great man to show a rare vulnerability. It will help Strowman be a better face for the baby in the long term, even if his bread and butter are demolishing the competition.

While eliminating Balor and Elias may not be a desirable outcome, it was necessary to make the angle work.

It was long, but it achieved what was proposed, and that is more than can be said of many of the recent angles in this program.

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