WWE Raw results, summary, grades: Ronda Rousey stands out in a solid show hampered by the drama Shield

adminOctober 16, 2018

Sometimes too much of a good thing is exactly that.

WWE's insistence on creating spectator fatigue over a long-running dispute between The Shield and The Dogs of War that seemingly produced multiple coincidences in each episode of Raw ruined what the three strong hours of sports entertainment had done on Monday. Instead, the episode was riddled with a glut of repeated matches, including the same main event for the second week in a row, and constant jokes about the tension between the two teams that it is not surprising that they are repaired the following week. Outside of the drama surrounding the Shield, Ronda Rousey offered what was probably his best promotion since he joined the WWE in a hot segment against the Bella Twins, and Kurt Angle returned once again to cross Baron Corbin.

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The Battle of the Dogs of War that never ends, continues

Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler opened the show rejoicing in how they exposed Dean Ambrose's problems with the Shield. "I hate to say I told you," said McIntyre, "but I told you, we broke the shield." McIntyre and Ziggler then exposed their own problems by discussing who would win if they met in the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel on November 2. After Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came out to answer, while Ziggler eliminated them because of Ambrose's absence, Rollins explained that "The Lunatic Fringe" was simply operating on his own time, as usual.

Seth Rollins def. Drew McIntyre through countout (qualifying match for the World Cup): The presence of Ziggler and the constant threat of his distractions played a great theme in the game. Rollins made consecutive suicide dives in both heels from separate sides of the ring, but in his attempt to prepare the stomp, Ziggler pulled the top rope to send him flying. Ambrose came out of the crowd to attack the heels. Rollins then hit McIntyre and got into the ring just in time to win by a countout before he and Ambrose reconciled. Later, behind the stage, Ambrose disagreed with Rollins and said he "always appears in a crazy moment," and left angry.

Dolph Ziggler def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall (World Cup qualifying match): Rollins countered McIntyre's early attempt to interfere by running to attack him. Ambrose then shrugged at Rollins' attempt to help him, entered the ring and entered a superkick that allowed Ziggler to score the pin. Ambrose shook Rollins again and the two began to push each other on stage until Reigns ran out to separate them. Interim general manager Baron Corbin then booked a six-man match for the main event between both teams. Later, in the locker room, Strowman threatened McIntyre and Ziggler that if one of the two is wrong, "they will receive these hands."

The shield def. Dogs of war through pinfall: One of the first discussions among the Shields led Strowman to align the three, including another collision between Rollins and Ambrose. The game featured a lot of high points and chaotic sequences, including suicide dives in tandem on opposite sides of the ring by Ambrose and Rollins. At the end of the game, Ziggler pushed Rollins to his teammate again, breaking Ambrose's attempt on McIntyre after hitting Dirty Deeds. Ambrose almost tried the same move on Rollins, until Ziggler hit him with a ZigZag twice. After McIntyre accidentally sent Strowman out of the ring with a kick from Claymore, Reigns hit a spear in McIntyre before a triple-power Shield bomb set an Ambrose pin. An angry Strowman crushed Ambrose before he took a second kick from Claymore when McIntyre moved away to leave his teammates behind.

The once-promising story of Ambrose has become a "wolf-weeping child" stage that began to feel like Groundhog Day. Worse yet, WWE's creativity has essentially written the same story in the relationship between the heels and McIntyre who plays the same role. Regardless of whether the story ends in a creative and entertaining place, the road to getting there remains redundant, since Raw can not help himself exploit the fact that any combination of the six fighters in this dispute tends to be split entertaining. While it may be a smart strategy to maintain the ratings, it is nothing more than a public announcement that there is nothing new to see. Going back to the pit with the same main event as last week is the surest way to make sure that the spectators who go to bed before going to bed do exactly that. Three matches in the same program involving the same two teams, with incredibly similar results, are just lazy. Grade: C-

Bella Twins explains Ronda Rousey's spin

Rousey entered the ring and openly begged the Bella Twins to come out and explain why they attacked her last week. Then, Nikki and Brie explained how much it made them tremble when they saw a loser who did not deserve it, as Rousey presented him at the forefront of the evolution they helped build. "We made D & S" meaning something, we made the word strong and powerful, "Nikki said. "There are girls in the crowd thanks to us and our reality show, and the championship you're wearing would not exist without us." Rousey responded by saying that the Beaux are "the embodiment of a stereotype – DMB, do not do anything Fine", and that the era of the Divas that represented the ill.

"The only thing that impressed me was how far you could go with the minimum amount of talent," Rousey said. "They leached the names of their men, they plagiarized and diluted their movements, they are not pioneers, they are calluses, they are relics of the past waiting to be eviscerated like smallpox." Rousey responded to Brie's claim that she is jealous to point out that she knocked down doors in judo, Strikeforce, UFC and WWE throughout her trip. "The only door you knocked down was the one in John Cena's room," Rousey told Nikki. "And eventually he threw you out the same door." Rousey challenged them to a fight, but the Bellas waited for a five-man security team to accompany them to the ring area. Rousey won and judo threw the five while Nikki and Brie ran out.

While you can look past Rousey's fight in the microphone to open the segment and the weak dialogue that was given to him, the rest of this segment had nothing of gold. The intensity in Rousey's voice while delivering such an avant-garde promotion may have been the best representation of his tough and caring character to date. Nikki also stood firm in her defense of an era of Divas from which she was the face before the recent evolution, and she rejected her point with a defiant shake from her rear directed towards Rousey. The segment worked due to the strong writing and real life themes that provided its core, including Bellas who benefited from the relationship with Cena and Daniel Bryan and the confrontation of two women's eras with each other (which, in many ways , is a showdown between Vince McMahon's and Triple H's promotional preferences in terms of how WWE women present themselves). The only thing missing in the segment was that Nikki and Brie cut Rousey's previous public faults with the same intensity he did with theirs. Grade A-

What else happened on Raw?

The destruction brothers respond to D-Generation X: In a prerecorded video promo that was more nostalgically bland than hot fire, Kane said his respect for Triple H and Shawn Michaels "died with his dishonesty" and that the DX meeting "is based on a bed of lies." The Undertaker said that Michaels withdrew for fear of him and responded to Kane's request that they had three words of their own before Crown Jewel saying that DX "will rest … in … peace".

Ember Moon and Nia Jax def. Dana Brooke and Tamina Snuka through pinfall: This tag team match was created simply to promote a real battle in the Evolution pay-per-view on October 28, with the winner getting a future title shot. Among the big names announced were Asuka, Carmella, Naomi and Torrie Wilson. An early confrontation between Jax and Snuka also seemed to provoke a future enmity when Tamina hit a Samoan Drop on Jax. After Moon landed an Eclipse on Brooke for the pin, Snuka pulled Jax with a kick. Moon then turned to Jax helping Snuka throw her on the top rope. Moon tried the same with Snuka from behind shortly after, before Brooke ran to throw both of them to the ground.

Finn Balor def. Jinder Mahal through pinfall: With Bayley on his corner in front of Alicia Fox and Singh Brothers, Balor did a quick job of Mahal through the coup de grace. Bobby Lashley left to pose in front of Balor when the exaggerated man Lio Rush told him: "I wish you could see him like him".

Bobby Lashley def. Tyler Breeze through pinfall: The heel thrust for Lashley continued to progress while dominating Breeze in this squash game. Lashley took his time and posed between a shot in a vertical arm with a single arm and a Dominator for 1-2-3.

Trish Stratus and Lita share words with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James: Basically, in a repeat of their segment last week, the pair of heels cut a promotion in Stratus and Lita to promote their Evolution match. Bliss and James were quick to point out how much time had passed since any of the legends had been in a WWE ring, conveniently forgetting the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble in January. Stratus and Lita responded with an annoying response to play with the Philadelphia crowd and the famous "practice" of Allen Iverson. Bliss and James initially accepted a request to introduce themselves and fight before leaving.

AOP def. El Conquistador via pinfall in a handicap match: Kurt Angle appeared in the backstage dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat while still on vacation. Corbin reminded him that 12 years have passed since his last WWE game and he organized a fight 2 to 1 later tonight to "help" Angle prepare for the World Cup. Corbin watched from the ramp with a big smile at Conquistador's poor attempt to block an ankle and turn into a cruel squash defeat. But after AOP unmasked his prey to reveal that it was an unnamed worker, Angle snuck in behind Corbin to hit an Angle Slam on stage.

Natalya def. Ruby Riott for disqualification: Riott Squad caused problems in the backstage before the game by annoying Bayley and destroying Natalya's dressing room door. Because of that, Natalya decided to take Bayley and Sasha Banks to the ring as backup. Sarah Logan forced the DQ by breaking Natalya's Sharp Trigger attempt on Riott. After a tumult, Bayley and Sasha Banks came together to keep their heels from hitting their finalist in Natalya and cleaning the house to stay on their feet.

Elias interrupted by Apollo Crews: Elias played his guitar and insulted Philadelphia fans for his city and his beloved Eagles. He left Crews, who made a promo about keeping his mouth and temper closed for a long time, while others, like Elijah, passed him by. After Elias took off his coat to attack, Crews dodged a clothesline, launched a throwing kick and pressed the blow to probably provoke a new fight (and not particularly anticipated).

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