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adminNovember 22, 2018

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    Following another special TakeOver explosive, NXT arrived on the WWE network on Wednesday night with an episode that sparked a rivalry and engulfed another.

    Nikki Cross fought Candice LeRae in the main event of the night, while Keith Lee and Lars Sullivan crossed paths for the first time.

    What happened and how could it affect NXT in the future?

    Find out with this summary of the issue of November 21.

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    An arrogant Fidel Bravo pushed Major Keith Lee early and watched to follow with a piglet stroke.

    Lee responded by crushing him and slapped him on the chest just in case. A cross block and a jackhammer finished with Bravo.


    Lee defeated Bravo




    This was an average squash match that did nothing to elevate or devalue Lee in a measurable way.

    The great man is an impressive competitor in the ring, but desperately needs a real enmity with someone to establish himself firmly in NXT.

    These squash matches will not.

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    Lars Sullivan is on his way to the main list, but first stopped at NXT to face Keita Murray in the singles competition.

    Competition, of course, is used freely in this case.

    Sullivan erased Murray and finished him with the Freak Accident in a few seconds.

    After the game, he reminded everyone he will come for the NXT Championship before returning his attention to Murray.

    Keith Lee saved and threw Sullivan out of the ring and onto the floor.


    Sullivan defeated Murray


    C +


    Remember an earlier coincidence when this writer mentioned that Lee desperately needed to find a legitimate rivalry?

    He only did it.

    This was less about Sullivan crushing Murray than about igniting a rivalryAnd it worked.

    However, the question now is whether managers ask Sullivan to review Lee as he goes to the main list or if Lee gets the biggest victory of his young career at NXT.

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    Nikki Cross kept the secret of Johnny Gargano's furtive attack on Aleister Black for months before finally being part of the revelation. Candice LeRae, taking exception to the mental games of Sanity members, faced her in the main event on Wednesday.

    The match was an accelerated encounter that saw no woman gain control firmly for a prolonged period of time.

    Afternoon, LeRae let weeks of frustration and anger pass, taking the fight to a cross that simply smiled in response and rejected it.

    The celebrated Indian star caught Cross in the Garga-No Escape at one point, but the unpredictable Scotsman put his foot on the bottom rope, forcing the break.

    Cross crossed to LeRae and handed him a rotating heartbreaker for victory.


    Defeated Cross LeRae




    It was nice to see LeRae in extended action on NXT. She has not been featured outside of being Gargano's wife, and it's a shame, given her immense talent as an artist.

    Here, she was able to show some of that against, possibly, the most underrated female wrestler on the entire WWE roster.

    Winning cross makes sense since she has already appeared on the main list and should mix with Raw or SmackDown.

    LeRae's time will come. We can only hope that this is the beginning of a kind of push for Candice Wrestling.

    If not, NXT officials may regret having let it waste rather than exploring its value between the ropes.

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