WWE news: Roman Reigns appears at the Georgia Tech College football game

adminNovember 25, 2018

"Keep fighting champion!"

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Queen He was seen at a football game that supported his former college, Georgia Tech, when they were facing rival University of Georgia Bulldogs.

WWE Reigns star, real name Joseph Anoa & # 39; i, played for Georgia Tech as a defensive lineman in the mid-2000s, before choosing the fight for a possible NFL career.

After his cancer announcement surprised fans and other fighters, Reigns was in an upbeat mood ahead of Saturday's game at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia.

Before the start, a Georgia Tech camera team posted a Twitter clip of Reigns.

Looking relaxed and healthy, Reigns joked, "I'm the real big dog here, to hell with Georgia, baby."

The fans were happy to see Reigns in public again.

One wrote in response to the clip: "Man, I do not know what it is, but it feels very good to see his face."

Rhiannon wrote: "Keep fighting champion!"

Update of the Roman reigns

SPOTTED: Roman Reigns has made his first public appearance since he revealed he has cancer (Pic: WWE / GETTY)

Update of the Roman reigns

RETURN: Reigns was filmed before their college football game, Georgia Tech. (Pic: TWITTER / GEORGIATECHFB)

Update of the Roman reigns

Relief: the wrestling fans were happy to see Roman looking good (Pic: TWITTER / WRESTLEFPW)

While another added: "We miss you so much Big Dog!"

Georgia Tech never defeated its college rivals while Reigns was on the side, and unfortunately, had no luck during Saturday's game, as Georgia was left with 45-21 winners to go 11-1 on the season.

The 33-year-old Kingdoms revealed their battle leukemia. in October – and said he had been fighting the disease for 11 years.

In an emotional segment, Reigns relinquished his WWE Universal Championship title during the first minutes of Monday Night Raw.

Update of the Roman reigns

SELFIE: Roman posed for photos with fans at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia (Pic: INSTAGRAM / REAL.REIGNS)

Update of the Roman reigns

BELOVED: Roman's cancer announcement in October shocked the world of wrestling (Pic: GETTY)

Update of the Roman reigns

GRATEFUL: Roman thanked his fans for their support (Pic: TWITTER / WWEROMANREIGNS)

Stars from around the wrestling world, including John Cena and Ric Flair, were among those who paid tribute to Reigns.

He reportedly started his cancer treatments in early November, with no date for when he can return.

The star tweeted in response to the flow of support after his decision to retire, thanking his fans.

Reigns said: "Your energy and positivity motivate me to improve quickly to return to the ring, but for now I will spend time with my family and focus on health."

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