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adminNovember 24, 2018

The British superstar, now fighting as PAC on the independent circuit, shocked the WWE Universe when he suddenly stopped appearing on WWE TV in October last year.

The 32-year-old wrestler was 205 the biggest star of Live, as he enjoyed a dominant reign as a Cruiserweight Champion.

However, the title of The King of the Cruiserweights ended abruptly in No Mercy, where he lost the belt to Enzo Amore.

Neville then made two more appearances in RAW and was never seen again, as rumors speculated he was not happy with the way they were using it.

However, the taller one remained silent until his release from the company last August.

According to Wrestling Inc, the former NXT champion held a question and answer session on his personal Instagram page and finally addressed the reason why he abandoned the Vince McMahon promotion.

Pac gave a laconic response and only said he was not happy with the way they were using him in the company.

He said: "I do not agree with the reservation."

Many said he was not happy about losing the title to Amore, but said the former NXT superstar was not the reason he had left.

However, Neville revealed that his former rival was "upset" in the backstage and did not agree with the decision to win the belt.

The Newcastle native also insists that he "was worth more than being sent to the workers."

He said after he was asked how long Amore would last in a real fight: "It was not really Enzo why I left, I do not hate the boy." I was just upset at the backstage and putting the title was bad, especially me. I was worth more than being fired from the workers, that's why I left. "

The Briton now appears in the indy scene, but insists he has no grudge against WWE despite the unfavorable reserve.

Neville said: "They gave me the opportunity to shine and shine, I did it. The guys there are great, but I ran out of ideas, so I left. "

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