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WWE superstars John Cena, the Bella Twins, Zack Ryder and many more made #ThankYouRoman spread like a fire on Twitter after Roman Reigns made a heartbreaking announcement on October 22: his leukemia has returned.

After revealing the return of his leukemia in the October 22 issue of Monday night rawUniversal WWE Champion Roman reigns, 33, said he will take "every sentence you can send" his way. A wave of WWE stars responded to the call, using a hashtag: #ThankYouRoman. "'Value: strength in the face of pain or grief." You have given us everything, even a courageously vulnerable moment. We, your WWE family, offer you all our love and support. #ThanksYouRoman #NeverGiveUp, " John Cena tweeted after the news broke. The twins of bella, composed of sisters Brie cheese Y Nikki, also paid homage to Reign, whose real name is Joe Anoa'i. "You are in our thoughts and prayers, Joe, you are our superman, forever and ever," they tweeted. "You have an army standing behind you ready to support you and fight with you!" Even Roman's former opponents surrendered their respect!

"His real name is Joe and he's a standing man! Inside the ring one of the best I've fought with," the Irish wrestler Finn balor he tweeted only two months after he and Roman beat him for the title of Universal Champion in August. "Outside the ring, one of the most genuine people I've ever met and from whom I've learned. See you soon, good brother #Thank you, YouRoman (… and it smells great) ". Zack Ryder is another WWE star who entered the ring with Roman and had a hopeful message for his former challenger: "@WWERomanReigns will beat him again … create that. #Thank YouRoman. "

That's right, Roman beat his cancer once. TO Monday night raw, the Universal Champion, who is now giving up his title, told the crowd that he has lived with leukemia for 11 years. He went into remission in 2008. "When I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with this. And very quickly I could put it in remission, "he said in a microphone at the event," But I'm not going to lie, that was the most difficult moment of my life. I had no work, I had no money, I had no home, I had a baby on the way and the football ended with me. The team that gave me the opportunity was WWE. "After giving the tragic news in the arena, his cousins ​​and twins Jey Use Y Jimmy that collectively go by the stage name of the WWE The uses, started the hashtag #ThankYouRoman. See the lovely back-up photo they posted below!

Wwe wrestler Daniel Bryan tweeted How they all felt after Roman made the shocking announcement. "I've never seen the air come out of a wardrobe like tonight," he wrote. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Roman and his family." As Zack Ryder said, we believe that Roman can overcome this.


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