Would you have won $ 5,000?

adminNovember 21, 2018

An early poster for Avengers: the war of infinity by the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding.
Image of Disney

Everybody knows Headquarters, straight? The live mobile gaming program that was ridiculously popular a few months ago? Well, it's ongoing, and on Monday night he did a full Marvel Movie test to pay homage to the great Stan Lee. Twelve questions, all about the Marvel film universe, with the winners dividing $ 5,000.

The test is over, so you can not compete in it. But it's on YouTube, and it's worth checking it out to see if it had beaten the nearly 500,000 people who played: (Fast forward to 3:50 to skip the host's long configuration).

The only question I struggled with was the question of Stan Lee's waiter. I love Stan and his cameos, but at some point they can mix, except for one or two. So I'm not sure I answered correctly, but if I had not, I would have used an extra life and I would have guessed the rest. Honestly, if you live and breathe comic book movies as many of us do, this was not a very difficult test, so 8,458 players won a whopping 59 cents each. Although it was quite fun.

If you stop playing Headquarters (or it never started), you should probably check it. Many thematic nights like this now, Mondays are almost always movies, but it has also been done. The office friends Y Harry Potter. The prizes can be much bigger and there are many guest stars. I'm still crazy addicted. But, since I was busy this week, I could not pocket those sweet 59 cents in this one. Hopefully, they will do Marvel again in the future.

Do you think Marvel Studios employees like Kevin Feige were not a problem? Or are you too focused on Phase 4 to remember the last 10 years?

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