Worst pivot on TV? João Adelino Faria responds to Maria Elisa Domingues – News

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The journalist from RTP was one of the guests of the latest program "5 Para A Midnight".

João Adelino Faria was one of the last guests in the program 5 Para A Midnight & # 39; where he participated in the heading "Pressure in the Air".

In this context, one of the questions that stood out was: "In an interview, Maria Elisha said she didn't like to see you as a pivot, did it hurt you or kiss on the shoulders of the enemies?" Ines Lopes Gonçalves said ironically.

"I have to tell you two things: she doesn't like it; she has a remote control; on the other hand, everything she says won't change the big idea I have of Maria Elisa as one of the big figures on the television in the 1980s"he said, was applauded for his reply.

Asked by Filomena Cautela if he saw any kind of television program of less informative nature, the RTP reporter replied that he used to see "Hollywood Medium", where the protagonist, Tyler Henry, speaks to people who have already died.

What if I could go back to someone who is already gone? The journalist did not hesitate to answer: "I would like to talk to my mother again."

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