World of Warcraft pays tribute to Stan Lee

adminJanuary 11, 2019

World of Warcraft pays tribute to Stan LeeThe latest update contains a character based on the creative genius of Marvel Comics who left this world in November last year. Finding it is simply, not just because of the similarity, but because of the special word that characterizes Lee

The universe of World of Warcraft It's great and it's possible to find references to pop culture in their missions, as well as in scenarios and characters. They were added to update 8.1.5 to a slender human named Stanley who roams the castle Stormwind, sometimes in the library or near the throne, the word "Excelsior" says.

The portal Wowhead uploaded a video to your account Youtube where we can see Stanley.

Incidentally, DC Comics also recognized the work in the entertainment industry that is possible to find in the first few days of 2019. A noble gesture to genius who went for 95 years.

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