"Women wearing dryers were disturbed by drinks and changed their tables, Cakir," I'm drunk, is this Arabia? "sa" – Agenda

adminJanuary 10, 2019

spokesman author Contact Zoner directly, playing See Deniz's full profileHe claimed that he harassed women in head children at a venue. Of women wearing gowns, indicating that the change tables suggest discomfort of drinks in the bar Yalcin, on which Cakir "This is Atatürk's Turkey, what karışılıy I check I inside, here in Arabia," he said.

Yalcin, "O penne" in the title of his article "Deniz Cakir, to celebrate the birthday of two friends, went to a cafe bar in the Zorlu Shopping Center" reminded me.

Yalçın, who conveyed some details of the events, said: They said food and aperitif drink, they started the conversation. He sat next to the cafe bar and sat next to two of his friends. Two young girls with head babies were silent until then, he said.

Yalcin, said:

As the group of friends came aside, they began to talk on the side table: "You take our picture!" Then they changed the table in the cafe bar, which meant they were disturbed by drinks! Deniz Cakir friends at the table, "It's Atatürk's Turkey, the internal I-I karışılıy is what attracted me here in Arabia," he said. I mean, the problem has nothing to do with the baby. It is difficult to understand the attitude of those who feel uncomfortable getting to the bar and drinking! There are also cafes that do not drink in Zorlu! Regardless.

Three days later she went to Sabah Newspaper. Ümüz Deniz Çakır told us: Sabah Go to Saudi Arabia because of our scarf! Five days after the incident, journalists / cameramen took a criminal complaint to the prosecutor's office! See: I don't discuss ticks that are fair haklı. My question is, who is the victim, not to make a proud problem. My discussion is that this discussion goes into the text of the President's speech! every common woman disagreement in Turkey, by the media "uncovered" – "fend off" transformed into the fight! It was a wardrobe by the CHPs yesterday that deals with people's lifestyle. But today there are spoiled AKP people who promise the lifestyle.

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