"Without music, we would be sad, troubled people"

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And then Bogdan lived on the night of December 14 to 15 the most beautiful experience in his life. But that's not the kind that smoke comes to mind. He knows he has a lot to do to get to the heart of people. Especially since many crunchies look at him now, after winning, like a pure imitator, what makes him a little tortuous. But he doesn't shoot at him. She grew up around the floor of a family of engineers and designers in civil and hydrotechnical construction. Father, Eugen, mother, Doina, uncle, Adrian, but the first is grandfather, Florica, they are professional in their profession. The architecture, which Bogdan chose, naturally filled the family picture. No one thought the little man would get to know music. But he supports it unconditionally, Bogdan John told us in the interview he gave to Evenimentul Zilei.

EVZ Bogdan, what happened to you after you became Rome's voice?

Bogdan Ioan: It took me about three days to realize that I won Romania's voice. It is a unique experience. The fact people know on the street and want to take pictures of me is something new, but it's a beautiful feeling. I think we have a great responsibility from now on. Many children see me as an example, and I will positively influence them through everything I do.

EVZ What did parents, friends say about your victory?

Bogdan Ioan: My parents are very happy, like all parents in such situations. They have always been around me, and I thank them for the education they offer and because I have always felt with them.

EVZ What are you going to do with the money?

Bogdan Ioan: I would like to buy an apartment in Bucharest and the rest of the money will invest in my musical training.

EVZ Where did you use Christmas and where are you new year?

Bogdan Ioan: I spent Christmas in Iasi with my boyfriend and I will be on New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve. I'm going to make my new home this year. I feel the need for peace and rest.

EVZ Have we noticed that some people are cataloging you as an imitator? What do you want to do to remove this label?

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