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adminDecember 27, 2018

This Christmas is the most difficult Danni Büchner ever used. One month after Jens Büchner's death, she still tries to bring a little Christmas sand to her twins.

The grief of "Malle-Jens" Büchner is still deep in the legs of his fans and his loved ones. The hardest hit by the sudden death of "Goodbye Germany" star his wife Danni, 40, with the twins Diego and Jenna, 2. Christmas without dad Jens to celebrate is incredibly difficult. And yet Danni Büchner doesn't hang on his head.

“We're celebrating today. But differently, ”says Danni and sends a Christmas beach photo to" Goodbye Germany ". The creators of the TV show publish the picture of the Büchner family and wishes "Much strength, lots of closeness and a sip of bubbly.

In mid-November, Jens Büchner, better known as Malle-Jens, died at the age of 49. After a short, hard fight He embarked on his lung cancer at a hospital in Mallorca. Jens Büchner became known as a cult migrant in the Vox program "Goodbye Germany". Particularly tragic: Malle-Jens leaves a patchwork family with a total of eight children. Including five of their own. The two youngest are the twins Diego and Jenna, who were born in 2016.

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