With his latest album, Michel Polnareff delivers his Arlésienne "Finally!"

adminNovember 30, 2018

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Michel Polnareff in Los Angeles, January 2018.
Michel Polnareff in Los Angeles, January 2018. DANYELLAH

Is this the record we did not expect anymore? Or who nobody finally waited for? Outside, supposedly, fans, community with the nickname "moussaillons", the artist has risen to the rank of "admiral" without asking permission from Olivier de Kersauson. Earlier hexagonal fame has experienced a golden age from the beginning, in 1966, to its American exile, in 1973, presented in English on his Twitter account as "Living Legend in France, Europe, USA", Michel Polnareff, 74, publishes his tenth studio album Friday 30th. November. Album ironically and highly titrated Finally! Even though "Moneys!" Would have been more tasty, this much is this Arlesian worthy of a repetitive gag of late Franquin. That of the contracts of businessman Aimé de Mesmaeker, whose signature has been rejected forever.

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Finally! succeed to Kama Sutra, published in February 1990. It is a delay of more than twenty-eight years. Vertigo is spatio-temporal: at that time the Berlin Wall had just collapsed, and apartheid would follow. Mariah Carey registered her first album. Polnareff himself occupied suite 743 of Royal Monceau, from which he would appear after eight hundred days of conscience without having stopped his nose in the meantime. It would be necessary to wait until 2007 to discover Palais omnisports of Paris-Bercy, after thirty-five years of absence of the French scenes.

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One of the most hesitant pockets in modern times

The shot of Hello me backPolnareff did it forty years ago, after failing to win in America. It was the title of an album that he does not recommend. Finally! in turn, dreaded the worst under one of the most hesitant pockets of the modern era – a key releases a padlock. Since 1996, genius has been able to dig only four original titles: an instrumental without tail or head (Lee Neddy), the autoparodic I dream of a world, the lustful Blatant Ophelia Beds (with red #metoo card for the choir: «Ophélie is never alone in bed / Always need new friends / Miss more than all animals in the zoo / Even the guardian, his wife and his dog ") and the last, Man in red (2015), a protest song against Santa Claus.

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