With GNTM Girl: Teen Swarm Daniele Negroni in Love Luck

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Daniele Negroni (23) is finally happy again! In July, his break-up with Tina Neumann (16) caused quite a few headlines: The DSDS star and YouTuberin shattered so hard that even the police had to move in. But with this chapter, the singer has apparently now completed once for all: In an interview, the music confirms that he is in love with fresh – and his new boyfriend is no stranger!

Already on Tuesday gave a smooch image of Daniele for wild speculation: On a net photo he was no less than the former Germany's next supermodel candidate Victoria Pavlas (20). counterpart picture He now confirms his relationship with the runway's beauty. "Vicky is just sweet, she's just real and not picked up", the 23 year old raves about his new boyfriend. Since the beginning of the year, they are two couples.

also Victoria is just blown away by the new man on her side. "Daniele is a real gentleman and always makes me laugh"she is overjoyed. About her former BFF Zoe Saip is so happy with this new celebrity connection? In the summer she portrays herself with the former jungle campaigner.

Daniele Negroni and Victoria Pavlas in ViennaInstagram / therealpavlasPhotos Gallery Button
Daniele Negroni and Victoria Pavlas in Vienna
Victoria Pavlas, GNTM candidate 2018Instagram / therealpavlas

Victoria Pavlas, GNTM candidate 2018
Zoe Saip and Victoria Pavlas at GNTMInstagram / victoria.topmodel.2018

Zoe Saip and Victoria Pavlas at GNTM

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