with 20 pounds less she became MÉCONNAISSABLE!

adminNovember 30, 2018

Vaimalama Chaves is 23 years old and if she is smiling today because she is a favorite in the Miss France 2019 competition, she was not always very happy. In adolescence, the brunette was actually subjected to harassment.

The young woman, who weighed 80 kilos at 18, was a victim of many criticisms and mockery. Then one day she decided to silence all those who injured her and lost 20 kilos from associating the intensive sports and having a healthy diet.

"It was a nickname that specifically touched me, such as the" monster "or words like" you're fat you're ugly ", in life there are winners and losers and I do not want losers in my family", she trusts AFP. And to continue: "When we are in full identity construction, it is true that it is not easy to assume, but today I am grateful for living this in order to make money and get stronger."

Selected Miss Tahiti in June, who will present the Miss French fight on December 15 with aggression, hoping to win the scarf to show that she won the match.

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Anne-Sophie Jilot-Guerand

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