Willi Lord: 20 years of tablet addiction, "without knowing it"

adminDecember 26, 2018

While most of his fans can certainly spend their holidays in the trusted home, Willi Lord (43) continues his withdrawal program. About two weeks ago, Mallorca entertainer in a frenzy with his wife Jasmin was violently collapsed. Although both claim that it was just a scuffle and not a fight, they sought Willi Get professional help. Also at Christmas, the singer is in treatment – and becomes relentlessly honest with her fans.

On his FacebookSide, the 43-year-old said on Christmas Eve with a detailed statement where he talks about "one of the most difficult times in my life". Since December 10, he has had a Valium withdrawal and is in detoxification – a tough therapy, but only the thing to do. "I realize that not only was it physically necessary, but above all mental, and I depended on tablets for 20 years without knowing it.", wrote Willi, He realized he had used a lot of drugs, but he lied to himself – with the boards he had wanted to fight with concerns, self-confidence and private issues.

Due to their withdrawal, celebrity Big Brother participants cannot spend their holidays with their loved ones at home this year. The treatment is serious and important to him, especially because it is not the first treatment for addiction to him. "Yes, it's true: I've been in detox at the Betty Ford Clinic and at two other clinics because of alcohol and drugs, and I've gone through both addictions today, but I've never had any tablet addiction going and it was wrong ", is Willis Conclusion.

Jasmine Jenewein and Willi LordInstagram / WilliherrenPhotos Gallery Button
Jasmine Jenewein and Willi Lord
Willi gentlemen shooting in MallorcaChris Emil Janßen / ActionPress

Willi gentlemen shooting in Mallorca
Willi Lord and his wife Jasmin at Angermaier Trachtennacht in BerlinWENN.com

Willi Lord and his wife Jasmin at Angermaier Trachtennacht in Berlin

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