Will Thanos crack affect the second season of The Punisher?

adminDecember 31, 2018

The Punisher Shooting Season 2 (5)

it The second season of The Punisher is close to the release, and eventually we reveal information about it, now there has been a cartoon that has taken an interview where it is revealed when the UCM season will be in the series and if there is a fingerprint Thanos seen in Avengers: Infinity War will affect or not the series. Now it is known that The second season of the series will not be affected by the fact that half of the universe disappears, and thus follows the tradition introduced by the Netflix series to completely separate the television universe from the cinematographic. It is not known whether the series will be canceled after its second season, and if so, it may be renewed in a third season in the Disney + service.

The second season of The Punisher seems to be adapting the 2015 arc of the comic book comics titled Slavs, where the meeting with Frank Castle is related to a trafficking network of people and sexual slaves, which causes him to perform a very fair crusade against the people at the head of this organization. It's one of darker and bloody arches of the sign In the world of comics, so it would not be surprising that Netflix adapted it with great detail, as it did in the first season of the series.

it The second season of The Punisher will be released on Netflix around the world January 2019 And if it continues to be characterized by the rest of the Marvel series on Netflix, it will be the last season of the series.

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