Will Taylor Swift respond to Donald Trump after he has insulted her? – Hollywood Life

adminOctober 11, 2018

Donald Trump? Who is that? After the president attacked Taylor Swift after she supported a Democrat, HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY why she does not intend to claim.

With how close it is to Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kanye West, 41, it's not so surprising that Donald Trump, 72, took a shot in Taylor Swift, 28, after his support for the Democratic candidate for the Senate. Phil Bredesen, 74. While Donald apparently has no restrictions when it comes to choosing fights, Taylor has more self control than the current president, and a source close to Taylor EXCLUSIVELY says Hollywoodlife.com That's why she does not respond to your comments. "Taylor always trusts his words, regardless of when and how he uses them. He wants people to know the importance of voting and if someone feels different about their thoughts, it is their right, but they are not interested in getting involved with politicians.

"She just wants people to know that it's important to vote," says the source. Hollywoodlife.com, "And if she can help in any way, that's exactly where her head is and where it will stay." She's not looking to start any problem with anyone, she's above that drama back and forth and just wants people to use his privilege to vote in his favor. "So, unlike how he reacted to most of his ex-boyfriends, Kimye and Katy Perry, Mrs. Swift is going to let this political dissidence go by without an answer. Wow. Maybe old taylor really is dead?

The New Taylor broke its long silence on politics on October 7, sharing a long message with its more than 112 million followers. In addition to offering his support behind Phil Bredesen as he runs to fill the vacant seat in the Tennessee Senate (to replace retirees Bob Corker) Taylor attacked his opponent, representative of the United States. Marsha Blackburn. "Your voting record in Congress scares me and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. "She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which seeks to protect women from domestic violence, harassment and dating rape," she wrote. "She believes that companies have the right to refuse service to homosexual couples. She also believes that they should not have the right to marry. These are not my Tennessee values. "

When Trump was asked about Taylor's endorsement, she said she thought she "does not know anything about [Marsha], "And that" he likes (s) Taylor's music by 25% less now. "Marsha, while appearing on Fox Business Channel on October 10, also opposed Taylor's claims, saying she has been" defending to women with the same salary "since I was 19." He also said that he received the backing of the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of Police and the National Association of Rifles.

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