Will Ralph Breaks The Internet get a sequel? There's literally no limit to where this character can go

adminNovember 22, 2018

Disney dares to leave the castle a bit and enter the overwhelming world of the Internet with its latest animated feature, Ralph breaks the internet, in theaters now. The villain of the video game that only wants to be loved and his friend, Vanellope's happy failure, are living the life they thought they wanted, but after the two try to "fix" the game of Vanellope to make it more interesting, they decide to wander for the strange. The new world has just opened to them with the WiFi update of their arcade. It's a completely new adventure that looks to the present, not the past, but it will. Ralph breaks the internet Get a sequel looking to the future? Honestly, it depends on whether the story (and the money, this is Disney after all) is convincing enough.

Break Ralph Directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore had not talked much about is Sequel, until announcing its existence at a press conference in 2016. "From the moment we started working on the first Break Ralph, we knew that there were many possibilities with these characters, "said Moore, Disney.com In addition, he noted that Johnston had been working on the script for the sequel shortly after the release of the first film.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, the filmmakers indicated that neither one sees a third movie in the future … for now. "I mean, I do not know why I feel good about where [Ralph and Vanellope] They are in, "said Johnston. Internet represents the type of adult phase of your life. And I think Ralph has finally matured where he feels comfortable in his skin and will make friends, and he and Vanellope will still be together. "

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Of course, that did not stop Johnston or Moore from throwing silly ideas (Moore suggesting "an animated Taken, wHere we take Ralph and we have to get Liam Neeson! ") and possible (Johnston reflected:" We had this crazy idea that Ralph 3-D prints itself and comes to the real world in some way ").

Meanwhile, talking to Sun of Toronto, Ralph's voice, John C. Reilly, had his own idea: "Now that he and his friend Vanellope can get on the Internet, why do not they launch into space? Why would not they go to the" Hubble telescope? and breaks it? "Speaking a little more seriously, Reilly said that the idea of ​​sequels is not usually attractive to him." I like to do original things and try things I had not done before. "But when it comes to Well-intentioned aspiring hero, "Ralph breaks the internet It was an exception because I felt very close to the boy. "

While Break Ralph It was a tribute to arcade and 8-bit video games, a festival of nostalgia for how things were. Ralph breaks the internet brings the characters to the present, with all the problems and advantages of the megacorporations, the currency of clicks and "I like", and have an unfathomable amount of information at your fingertips and available instantly. Although for now it is totally a speculation, why would not a third party? Ralph Does the movie move things to the future potential, or the limits of space? Given the great popularity of the first film and the positive reviews that are launched for the second, a third film seems almost inevitable, especially with a world of possibilities of cross promotion that has not yet been taken advantage of by Disney.

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