will it be a season 3?

adminNovember 30, 2018

Seven years ago, Munch had lost in a case of assassination on Assises. This affair left him with a bitter memory. The lawyer was to defend the young victim. The alleged rapist was acquitted thanks to his lawyers' skills. When a young gendarmerie captain asks Munch for help to solve an unclassified case of disappearance of a girl who has been unresolved for several years, Munch suspects the same culprit she had encountered in a moral relationship. The latter is still free. Will Munch rule this time to put this criminal behind the bars?

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It is explored on two episodes that end this second season. The first eight episodes of this other opus by Munch have achieved very good points on TF1. The disobedient lawyer who was brilliant camp of the evil Isabelle Nanty attracted an average of 4.9 million viewers. If Une has not confirmed the release in writing of a season 3, there is no doubt that the heroine will return in 2019 for a new salvation of episodes.

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The final of season 1 was a record goal. Season 2 should also attract many viewers with a very engaging survey. As for Isabelle Nanty, the actor who seemed to embody this colorful character, which allows her to think outside the box, should be happy to return for another season.

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