Will and Jada's freakshow marks the moment celebrity died

adminOctober 31, 2018

The celebrity is dead.

For the past two weeks, Will and Jada Smith, apparently a powerful Hollywood couple, made headlines for discussing painfully intimate details of their 20-year marriage on Jada's Facebook program.

This, for better or for worse, is what Oprah has forged. Two movie stars of middle age, with their careers in decline, offering the little privacy they once had for public consumption, measured today in clicks, I like, eyeballs and actions. Once, a waning star can publish a memory or start a line of perfumes or a guest star in a night soap. Now, without thinking, they cup their insides and show us all the thick things inside, including the malignant narcissism. Where the glamor? Or at least strong-willed publicists?

Jada, knowing that she was pregnant: "I cried all night, I knew that my life would never be the same".

Will: "It was literally four seconds after we had sex."

Did we mention that your daughter, Willow, now 17, is sitting at the table throughout this conversation?

Will: "There was a period [where] Mom woke up and cried 45 days in a row. "

Jada: "You lost some days."

They keep going, talking about Will's insatiable ego, his insistence that Willow and her brother Jaden, 20, become child stars, how Jada married Will because she felt pressured, how she cried her way down the road . Hallway, why are you no longer considered married but you will never get divorced, huh? – and Will's brilliance.

"You know I'm a scientist," he says at one point. "So everything is science for me."

Will Smith never went to college.

Thirty million people have seen Part 1 of this conversation, and as of Monday, more than 4 million have seen Part 2. It seems that the general conclusion has been the wrong one.

"The raw and uncut truth," wrote one commentator.

"I really love honesty and blatant conversation," wrote another.

Please. The Smiths are not the first Hollywood couple to commercialize their marriage, but they are the first to use a self-produced online talk show, filmed at their Malibu mansion, to quell rumors of swinging, incursion in Scientology and infidelity (although if they do it). insinuate an open marriage). It sounds like a great television, until you realize that the terms of these discussions were clearly preconfigured, that Facebook is actually paying Jada for this content and that she and Will undoubtedly had the final cut.

Once, celebrities offered some personal nuggets to a magazine or talk show as a way to promote their latest film or project, and then retreated behind their private doors. A famous couple in crisis would sit with Barbara Walters, but the Internet has made such guardians unnecessary. Paradoxically, modern celebrities feel more authentic if they are sent directly through Instagram or podcast or Facebook, although these images and expressions are often filtered equally, literally and figuratively.

"To speak really", as Jada would say: Willow has no place in this table. It seems he is in a hostage situation. How much wisdom could you have to impart if you expose your daughter to such gross attention?

To keep it from sounding too cynical, remember: Will and Jada Smith educated their children at home and treated them, according to a 2015 New York Post story, as creative geniuses who deserve worship around the world. The result was clear in an epic question and answers that the children of Smith gave to the New York Times in 2014, Willow recently released his hit song "Whip My Hair", Jaden about to leave his new album "Cool Tapes Vol. 2. "You could not do this.

Q: What are you reading?

Willow: "Quantum physics".

Jaden: "ancient texts; things that can not be pre-dated. "

Willow went on to say that time does not exist, that we are all living in "a holographic reality that created a higher consciousness," and that "Whip My Hair" left her with the feeling of "Wow, I did a lot for the blacks". Girls and girls from all over the world. "

A real Rosa Parks.

Jaden, meanwhile, said that education was totally unnecessary. "Here's the deal … You never learn anything in school Think about how many car accidents happen every day Driver, what's wrong I have not been in driver's edition yet, because if everyone I know has been In an accident, I can not see how driver education is really helping them. "

Such a silly child could be a coincidence. Two is simply bad fatherhood.

However, Will and Jada Smith designate themselves as "coauthors", in reality, is self-satisfaction with the pretext of relativity, and millions of people are falling in love with it. The Smiths, in the process, are eroding what little remains of Hollywood glamor.

Think about it: one of the reasons why "A Star Is Born" is resonating is its ode, which is clear from the sequence of the title, to the old-school celebrity industrial complex: the anointing of a stranger, the process of his entry and education privileged in stardom, his respect for this hermetically sealed world. There's almost no technology in the movie, it does not make sense that it's current.

It is not recognized that a singer with such talent would have been discovered in a reality show of talents (Kelly Clarkson) or YouTube (Justin Bieber). She is not persecuted by TMZ. She does not have any Google alert for her name. She does not tweet. And when he suffers the greatest loss of his young life, the pain is saved until it is ready, after a time, to turn it into art.

Imagine that.

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