Wild Dangond did not separate from his wife and here the romantic tests

adminDecember 29, 2018

Recently, the vallenato singer spoke of his supposed loneliness; Everything indicates that there was a joke in the middle of a concert.

A few days ago, Wild Dangond Declared in the middle of a concert: "Thank God I I am single, I can get to the house in "leather" and nothing happens "while receiving a beer from one of his fans.

Therefore, many of his followers believed the singer She had divorced Piery Avendañowith whom he has been married for several years.

However, in the midst of the anniversaries, the interpreter published & # 39; Cásate conmigo & # 39; videos on their Instagram account. He expresses his great love for the lawyer.

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First, the music sings its song & quot; Give Me a Night & # 39; while she enters the place and then, He turns around to hug her.

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