Why the Netflix series "You – You & # 39; ll love me" is different

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Full of sweet … killer? – 11 thoughts about Netflix's "You – You & # 39; ll love me"

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Caution: This text contains spoilers!

Just in time for Christmas, Netflix gave us a gift in 2018: "You – You will love me," a series that was thrown alone, appealed to the heart of every teenage drama fan. Penn Badgley from "Gossip Girl", Shay Mitchell from "Pretty Little Liars", and packed in the setting of a romantic / criminal series?

"Yes, please!" Wasn't the only thing that screamed at me – and over the past two weeks, "You" have spread like a fire among Netflix subscribers (or scorers). For a good reason: The series is … different because there is a romance between a young, unsuspecting woman and her murderous stalker. And while I picked up the ten episodes in the first season in a few days, some of them scraped together thoughts through the brain, which I'm guaranteed not alone …

What's the nonsense?

My first reaction, when Penn Badgley stared at me from the Netflix homepage, was shared: on the one hand, my "Gossip Girl" fan heart cried, however, I cried in horror at the title ("You – You Will Love Me") . Urghs, kitsch level 1000? No, it turned out, because I had misinterpreted the title and skipped the gloomy undertone. But from Penn Badgley Love and Netflix drought I finally managed to play – and was first confirmed in my false impression.

Joe Goldberg's (Badgley's) first appearance made my eyes. In his bookstore, he discovers Guinevere's "Beck" Beck (Elizabeth Lail) wandering around the shelves, commenting on the look and experience through a superficial voice-over. So far, so creepy. I was expecting a quick romance. But then …

JO (E), what's up?

… suddenly escalated everything. Because "You" are not just a "Romantic Series", as Netflix's genre classification says – and I hadn't seen such a dark thing for a long time.

Suddenly, sweet, a little too much in Beck broke Joe to Hardcore (!) – Stalker and (ready, SPOILER!) Later murderer himself. Everything for Beck's own benefit, of course. But most recently when Joe started spending hours and hours in front of Beck's window, I wondered …

Is this "Gossip Girl", Season 7 – Hardcore Edition?

Dan Humphrey is back! – Who didn't get "Gossip Girl" flashbacks here? Spotted: Lonely Boy, left on the brink to convince his blonde dream wife to herself. This time, with the bloody Hau-druff method.

And considering that Dan Humphrey – SPOILER, but honestly, you should know – ultimately turns out to be a manipulative and spied Gossip Girl, the parallels are startling: what Dan Humphrey has been able to do for a long time is Joe Goldberg – for he lives in the year 2018 and stalking the social media enthusiastic Beck until he seems to know every corner of her life. And like Gossip Girl Dan, he planted himself all his life. Applause, Joe. But please do not imitate, children, because real romance is different.

Peach = Emily

The producers did not stop at Penn Badgley aka Joe / Dan for parallels with other series of actors – but signed Shay Mitchell for the role of Beck's boyfriend Peach. Shay Mitchell, who played the lesbian Emily in "Pretty Little Liars", who also (initially) tried to keep this secret (in the beginning) and fell in love with her friends.

The Achievement Cruise: Secret in love with Beck, ready to cross dead bodies for her – and eventually she goes away. Sounds like an unfortunate sequel to Emily's fate. At least, Shay Mitchell got a tougher, somewhat indulgent woman playing, and she didn't have to cry as stubbornly as in Emily's time.

Beck has no curtains ?!

What young woman in New York in the 21st century would leave her glass windows, five feet tall, exposed to the street? … And then masturbating on the couch in front of the window?

What a CREEP …

On the other side of the street, without having anything to hide: Joe, our stalker boy, who can't keep his fingers off himself in the face of excitement. Uff. Bad, Joe! And claiming that it is a gas leak to access Beck's apartment while she is not there is also just scary. (Does it work for God's sake?)

… where – very sweet, this stalker killer.

But … wait … actually he's pretty sweet. And when he gradually cleans up Beck's life and removes the people, what makes things difficult for her is on the one hand completely upset by Joe's weird moral sense, but somehow … stirredBecause his motivation is simple: love. It's understandable – and suddenly you get caught in how one killer The fingers crossed and looking for him many atrocities. Help, where is moral compass!

No, it wasn't just me.

"Do you like Joe and hate Beck? I ask for a friend. »

uncle Jesseeee!

Uncle Jesse from "Full House" has now undergone therapists. With beard. He is not very bright though: he doesn't really see Joe's story of "Brad" and "Ronaldo", even though it does the same is Beck telling him? Maybe not so much smoking, Dr. Jesse.

All good things are … four?

Benji, Peach, Ron, Candace's affair – Joe likes to murder and often. However, some discrepancies remain; But what does not surprise us, finally, enough material for season 2 (and 3, 4, and 5 …) must remain.

But how many murders did Joe actually commit? Somehow, we didn't want to believe Joe's bad childhood and the resulting trauma cooked up until he learned about his girlfriend Candace's affair. Surely this murder was not the first, and we would suspect that his foster parent Mooney's stroke did not come from chance …

Candace NERVT. And Karen was too kind.

Although we probably all suspect that the whole season: Joe didn't kill Candace – she certainly hurt him more personally than Peach, Benji and Co. ever did and did him what he is, unfortunately with Beck, thanks, Candace. Thanks to her, probably he doesn't appreciate what he had with Karen Minty, …

… who, however, managed so closely with his conclusion:

Ciao, I'll never die again.

And while we're at it, I'll also delete my Facebook and Instagram account and throw my phone in the next trash can …

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