Why Prince William and Kate Middleton will soon become billionaires

adminNovember 26, 2018

Prince William is preparing to become the Duke of Cornwall when his father goes to the throne. He will then, along with Kate Middleton, on top of an empire whose value is estimated at one billion pounds sterling.

As a Duchess of Cambridge, he is preparing to become the Duke of Cornwall. Prince William will inherit this title when his father Charles goes to the throne in England. For a while now, He dedicates 100% to his royal mission, after leaving her job as an air ambulance pilot. He who is in second position to become king in England marks his presence more and more important and learns the tricks of the trade.

Because this title represents a heavy responsibility: He hides behind an empire that weighs one billion pounds. In fact, the Duchy of Cornwall, which also generated 20.5 million pounds last year, is actually a large portfolio of land and property interests. It owns approximately 134,000 acres of land in more than 23 counties in the UK. Assets include farm, residential and commercial property, as well as an investment portfolio.

The future prince and princesses in Galle will be billionaires. Kate Middleton will also bring her legacy to this legacy. The amount of personal wealth of the one who has been married to Prince William for seven years (and still as much accomplice with him) was revealed recently and estimated at six million euros. This money comes from her property of a 1.2 million euro apartment in the popular Chelsea district of London, from her salary as purchaser of accessories to the Jigsaw chain of stores, but also from her shares. In Party Pieces, a Middleton family party goods company.

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