Why Netflix Zodiac Knight remake shares (already) fans

adminNovember 29, 2018


The volume of the animated series in the nineties comes this summer, in a series of 12 episodes dedicated to the mythical battle against the 12 Knights of Gold. But his visual style does not matter – yet? – Unanimity …

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​becoming more involved in Japanimation and brings a serious emotional boost to Zodiac Knight's many fans. The thirty-year-old work of Masami Kurumada, who won his stripes in the frankophone in the early nineties through the animated series of the late club Dorothée, had marked an entire generation who made an appointment every Wednesday in front of Club Do to follow Seiya (Seyar in VF!), Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and his brother Ikki – and the next day at the playground, to restore the fighting or imitate the endless upward spells in the sanctuary.

During the summer of 2017 there is a wave of positive enthusiasm with the announcement of twelve episode remake of the most successful arch in the saga (The Battle of the Shrine, with the 12 Golden Knights) that Netflix had kicked. The most irreducible amateurs feared a little transition to digital (full CGI), but the poster was then revealed and co-operated with Toei (Japanese production studio at the origin of the first series, but also by Dragon Ball Z, Goldorak, Sailor Moon, One Piece, …) were more likely to reassure.

The poster was unveiled by Netflix in the summer of 2017:

Recently, the giant has communicated more about this high expected recovery. And confirmed the arrival of the 12 episodes of this reboot for the summer of 2019. But he also revealed a new promotional post, which says more about the series's graphic style. And the least we can say is that he shares: if we relinquish relatively quickly the fact that Seiya does not appear in the armor that shouted our childhood during the battle against Chervalier's Or, but in a cloth (V3), which theoretically only carries much later In history (in Hades arch), the 3D aspect, juvenile, even, typical video games from the beginning of the 2000s is still far from unanimous …

Of course, the series will be given in favor of doubt, but it is not impossible to express (of the dragon). See you next summer!

The poster was unveiled by Netflix in November 2018:


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