Why is The Forbidden Apple 29 section not published when is the new chapter? History …

adminDecember 31, 2018

Fox TV monitors address a very wide audience, and today's success, which brings success to the Forbidden Apple 29 episode release date, is being intensively researched by series enthusiasts. The latest episode of Forbidden Apple, Fox TV, which is the reason for the radical decision taken by Starfront at Halit, and that Ender has discovered an undeniable claim for Alihan, was seen on the TV channel. well; Why is there no forbidden apple section 29 where exciting developments are adequately transmitted to the public? When does the new part of the Forbidden Apple come to a record level compared to the surprises not even missing a moment? Here are the latest developments in the subject that are …

The Forbidden Apple 29th Episode Is On The Screen? Who is the name Zehra will marry?


The date when the ban on the screen of the Forbidden Apple 29 screen is not in the Fox TV broadcast, and when the new part of the Forbidden Apple will be published by the audience that attracts the amazing construction, what date will it be published? began to add depth in the form of queries. Why isn't Apple Publishing in section 29? The audience did not participate on the screen because of the Christmas holiday and the fact that not all series will broadcast for 3 weeks. In addition, the Forbidden Apple is expected to be released on January 21, 2019.

Banned what was eleven in the last chapter?

Fox TV screens meet with their audience on Monday 24 December in the second part of Forbidden Apple; Yildiz, who came to complete separation from Khalid, temporarily left his house for this reason, as he always did, to keep his attitude to himself. The Last Part of Prohibited Apple; When there was an avalanche problem with Halit, Yildiz became breathless next to Kemal, who had no interest in him, but he was relieved of the arrest by talking to Halit. While Halit did sweep by asking Yıldız for his amnesties and trying to save the relationship, he left the way to be irresistible without having the strength to resist the selfish attitude and attitude he took. When the crisis between Alihan and Halit was inevitable and increasingly proliferative, Ender, who had planned, began to search for the underlying factors and had an unimaginable conclusion. He saw Zehra sitting at the wedding table.

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