Why is Felicity Twist the change needed for season 7?

adminOctober 23, 2018

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the second episode of Arrow Season 7, called "The longbow hunters".

Arrow He has returned for his seventh season, and this time the fight against crime is not a business as usual for the good of Star City. With Oliver imprisoned after reaching an agreement with the FBI to become Green Arrow, the rest of the previous Team Arrow has to find a way to move forward. In "The longbow hunters" Arrow delivered a turn of Felicity that is both shocking and completely logical: she will work with the FBI and it could be exactly what she needs the 7th season.

This is how it started. Felicity fulfilled her promise to Oliver at the premiere of Season 7 that she had ended up hiding from Ricardo Diaz. He returned to Star City with the intention of finding him and stopping him, no matter what. Still in danger, Felicity was hiding in ARGUS and trying to use ARGUS resources for her goal. Curtis did not want to risk his job by letting Felicity get into her usual cyber scams, and Diggle wanted to focus on the bigger issues of ARGUS.

Normally, it could have been difficult to relate to Diggle who wanted to prioritize ARGUS instead of tracking down the man who had ruined his life and almost killed some of his favorite people, but he had a point in this case. Longbow hunters debuted by stealing a battery with the ability to generate a large amount of energy, and as might be expected from the ARGUS technology, it can also be used as a weapon powerful enough to level a city. Oh, ARGUS.

Felicity concentrated on catching the Longbow Hunters to recover the battery on an ARGUS mission, and her help during a train robbery when an ARGUS team tried to stop the Longbow Hunters almost resulted in a disaster when Diaz appeared on the train. Diggle seized the battery, but Diaz was right behind him, and Diggle told Felicity to disconnect his train car from the one he was carrying to Diaz. Felicity would not do it because it would have meant that Diaz escaped, and Curtis intervened and he did it himself.

Fortunately, Diggle and Felicity are two former Team Arrow members who can resolve conflicts as adults, so neither of them blamed the other for their disagreements during the episode. Diggle had a difficult argument with her, and it was finally revealed that she did not take the mantle of the Green Arrow as Oliver had asked because she could not stand that her family was shattered in the way Oliver and Felicity were.

After the train, Diggle checked it and Felicity acknowledged that the world is a safer place since the gun was recovered, even though that meant losing Diaz. However, instead of compromising her priority, Felicity simply said she had to focus on catching Diaz, and Diggle was not the one who helped her do it. She said goodbye to ARGUS and told Curtis that she needed to find someone to help her. It turns out that, by chance, someone is the FBI agent Samanda Watson.

In the final scene of the episode, Felicity sat in Watson's office and again broke the deal that sent Oliver to jail in exchange for the FBI capturing Diaz. As Felicity pointed out, Oliver is in the clink, but Diaz has not yet been captured. So, she told Watson that they're going to kill Diaz … together. Felicity will work within the law!

By associating Felicity with the FBI, Arrow she is finally delivering a bow for Felicity in which she can be proactive and lead the charge. While the FBI will presumably have the power to search for Diaz, and her mission is in honor of her husband, Felicity's mission to bring down Diaz is hers, and she is taking steps to make this happen in the fastest and most effective way possible. Can not normal allies cut it? It's time to move on to the people who can!

As Overwatch (and before she got that name), she was an essential part of supporting Team Arrow, but not only will she be supportive in the search for Diaz, and she will not have to take a back seat in someone else's arc. While it is almost certain that your bow will not be the plot of A for each episode of season 7, you can show it in a new way and mix a series that is getting quite long.

The CW is not CBS or NBC, and it is not an overwhelming number of programs reaching their seventh season on the network, Supernatural in spite of. I'm still half convinced that someone in Supernatural I made a deal with the devil to keep it running indefinitely. Yes Arrow it becomes too old-fashioned or formulated, the viewers may not be willing to tune in anymore. This new era of Arrow under a new showrunner is stepping new paths, and that's a good thing in season 7.

Now, some may argue that Felicity's decision to work with the FBI is a betrayal of Oliver, since he would not be in jail to get the stuffed out if it were not because Watson forced him to come to an agreement. The reality is that Oliver made that deal of his own free will because he knew that getting Diaz was more important than his own pride and freedom. Nobody tortured him by making him come out like the green arrow.

Oliver understood the need to bring the FBI to help Team Arrow five months ago; Why would not he understand and support Felicity by helping the FBI keep his side of the bargain with him? In any case, you should be grateful when you find out. He made the sacrifice of his own freedom to capture Diaz. At this moment, he practically sacrificed his freedom for nothing. Diaz is not only at liberty; He also recruited a dangerous trio of villains to help him.

The fact that Felicity joined the FBI could accelerate the process of capturing Diaz. We should also see Felicity unleashed with all the resources of the federal government behind her. You will not have to worry about being caught if you are working with people who would have ever caught you. Although it is to be assumed that Felicity will not have carte blanche to do what she wants at the federal level, she could have had a medium that she had never had access to before, even with ARGUS.

Perhaps associating Felicity with the FBI also means that Arrow It will not abandon any of the main arcs of the season for chunks of time. Oliver has the prison arch, Diggle (with Curtis) has the ARGUS arch, Dinah and Rene probably have the new Green Arrow bow, and Felicity can have the main bow of Diaz / Longbow Hunters. Laurel can go where the wind blows her, as is her habit. These arcs will surely cross and the characters will interact, but I'm excited to see how Felicity's story unfolds.

Find out what's in store below for Felicity and everyone else with new episodes of Arrow Mondays at 8 p.m. ET in The CW. For some additional viewing options (including some from the variety of superheroes), take a look at our TV premiere calendar.

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